Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Another Maniac Moment

After being around 65* wind wind blowing yesterday the temp has dropped 20* and wind is now blowing chicken manure through every crack in my 100 yr old home.
 I know it's necessary but it STINKS!
Why did the government feel the need to limit when farmers can spread and disc it in?
None of their business, no how, no way! Go govern people in houses that are paying for chemicals to be dumped on their yards so they stay bright green with no weeds.
Yea that's gotta be healthy!
This has been another maniac moment from yours truly!
In other news the chiropractor like to have tore my neck off but he put everything back in order yesterday.
It hurts the soreness of everything seating back in place.
Some of my daffodils that are multi colored are blooming finally. So pretty!

The Nandina bush has held onto alot of it's berries this year. Guess the birds weren't stressed to find food?

Wendy our 9 year old start to our goat herd (sounds important but only 4 nannies)
She's stole extra kids from other moms. They like hanging out with old girl.

My garden of weeds. Yes I did not clean anything up and haven't done much last few years.
I'm planning on this being the come back year.

Calf born Wednesday evening had a vet call today. He was pulled after a long battle.
We know we stressed and pulled his front legs and probably pulled his muscles. He walks stiff legged.
Hope that wears off and it should.

See the left side upper thigh? Vet checked why it bowed out, no broken anything. Possible he had popped hip out but it moving his leg around last night I heard a loud pop and click sound in his leg/hip. Maybe I inadvertently put it back in place? I don't know. Vet didn't seem worried too much.
She figures maybe soft tissue damage when mom stepped on him getting up.
Now we wait and she if this changes as he progresses in size.
It's always something.
He's nursing well and walks up and down 200' field they re in so he doesn't seem in pain.
Wait and see ....

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