Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Neckropes are a good thing!

Excuse me Ma am...
Thank Goodness for Neck Ropes. Gemmie is a halter slipper as evidenced by the black one at her 
feet. She gets tied so her and steer only eat their own amounts. It also helps prepare them for being tied at fair for 10 days 24/7. Gem did not get the memo. Maybe she can't read?  
She needs to comprehend because she can't slip there even with neck rope as a backup I guess I need to knot her halter on.
Pigs are eating well and scrapping with each other. They decided to make a bathroom in the front of their pen where their feed pans are. Pigs are clean if you give them a dry area to live they will only go in 1 area so clean up is easier.  Yuck but we hung the pans higher up so I'll wait and see
what happens. They are eating well ALL 3 of them...
Goose are resident pig/steer/lamb/goat/dog doesn't care what we feed just so he gets
 to clean up what gets spilled.
Last night we opened the big pasture gate to move a round bale into the arena cows. Someone did not shut the gate back so Mouse the horse was out all night. We keep him in a smaller area so he doesn't get too fat or founder on spring grass. He was laying down near this

Its a huge white hair filled spot he must have been rolling like crazy. When he got up to run back to his regular area it looked like snow coming off him blowing in the wind.

This is Mouse from 2010-2011 winter , you can see he has alot of white to sluff off each year.

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