Monday, March 12, 2012


What a messed up weekend.Friday night hand sewed with LN for 4 hours on her coat.
Saturday sewed with LN for 6 hours in MD with her mentor.
Saturday night went to Ocean City,MD for the night to celebrate a friends birthday.
The beach was cold, windy but pretty. Had a nice meal and visit.
Sunday drove home 1hr and 45 min so LN could meet with kicking coach and went to look for new cleats at his request. Didn't find any so online we go.
Another week begins with normal chaos added to my LN making varsity starting lineup on
school soccer team.
Lots of nightly practices and games with animal chores and 4-H thrown in.
I still hope to get garden going this year. If wishes were....
I'm going to look at a new to me sewing machine that a local store has traded in.
Alot of money but am I worth it ?
Calf is almost walking normal, swelling is way down. Yea hope for complete recovery.
Lambs and goats are getting weaned soon. I still have to band males. We tried to band one Friday but it seemed every time S put band around top of sack 1 testicle slipped up inside body. I gave up after cutting 1 band off. Try again soon though so they don't get too big.
 I had an issue with that last year that I don't want repeated.
S is getting some old equipment ready for a local auction. Makes me happy when any junk things around here leave permanently.
Just a pretty picture to enjoy from an old trip to mountains few years ago.

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