Saturday, June 23, 2012

I got my baby back, baby back, baby back...

LN came home from 4-H sep away state camp today.

Doesn't she look happy as a clam and well rested? Little did she know she needed to go to a petting zoo for a few hours at least as soon as possible, lol.
I fed her 1st, I know not to tame the beast with orders when sleep deprived but food works well. After a short stop at a local diner, her fav she was alot more chipper!

Our 4-H agent needed as last minute sub and LN fit in fine. It is only a few miles from home too that helped.
When she got home I offered her a "gift"
Her new field hockey stick that came while she was away. She has out grown last years already.She has a Navy soccer camp coming up next week followed by a Towson field hockey camp. She ll be pooped but a better player for going. I'll be alot poorer for payin the tuition though!

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  1. It's no wonder we have less energy as we grow older . . . we use it all up when we're teenagers!