Monday, September 17, 2012

288 and 8

288 pages read in...
8 hours I spent with MIL today
I read a few magazines in the waiting rooms as well as 288 pages of my book.
I sorta mighta tore out some craft pages in 1 magazine maybe.
Is that wrong? I am unsure if it is. I asked once a few years ago and was told by receptionist she didn't care but haven't asked since. I just keep using her permission. 
My MIL doesn't drive anymore so I chauffeur her to appts.
Today she scheduled a 9:30 and 2:30 appts.
Awkward time frame to get anything done or make drive back home in a timely fashion.
It was frustrating to sit for an hour at the foot doctors office before she was seen for 10 min.
It was more frustrating to wait another hour this afternoon at ear doctor again for 10 min.
In the middle of doc appts I took her to local restaurant since she doesn't get out of house except for doctors offices or friday night dinner and after read on her sofa
 as she did a crossword puzzle till next appt.
Then I sat at middle school waiting on LN's practice to end for 45 min.
A whole lotta waiting and reading can be tiring.
I was people staring watching at 2nd appt in amazement.
I could not believe the rudeness of people in the waiting rooms.
One paced and was agitated he had to wait in line. He loudly stated how dumb it was and he wasn't gonna stand for it. He was not alone either there were others.
I witnessed 2 family disputes and heard more about others personal issues shall I say.
I did take advantage of the fact that I stayed in town and brought home pizza.
What a rip off price wise but so easy after not thawing anything from freezer since...
I wasn't home all day.
So wash didn't get hung up either and the sky is showing a storm now.
How hard could it be to hang up 1 load of laundry and pull meat from freezer?
I wonder ...
but I 'm not going there.
I think I need to go to sleep earlier than usual.
Boob tube is damaging my brain.
I watch too much mindless crapola at night.
New page turning over I swear.


  1. Oh, I dread the waiting room, however I love to jot down conversations in my notebook. It's a great place to get "novel" ideas - ha ha ha!

    1. I bet you get great ideas from waiting rooms Kristina. Books need drama, family spats and chaos. The rooms I wait in have all and more.

  2. Turning off the TV in the evening sounds like a wise idea. That would give you at least a couple of extra hours in your day. To make the break (changing habits are hard), why not use those couple of extra hours for YOU? Do something you'll really get feel goods from. A reward for working hard all day. Yes, taking friends/family to appointments IS work. (Can you imagine most men doing that and remaining sane?) That can be more exhausting than throwing around bales of hay or hauling buckets of water all day!

    (Wish I could read in a waiting room. My mind isn't strong enough to blot out everything around me and concentrate on my reading!)

    1. MamaPea I don't read well in waiting rooms. I am too busy hearing all the conversations around me. I should go to craft/quilt room at night. I have a huge stash to use up and a million ideas how to accomplish them.