Friday, September 7, 2012

Blame it on Kindle

I blame less blog posts on my Kindle.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I have great ideas for posts but ...
I grab my Kindle to check e-mails, read blogs I follow and of course read.
Kindle will NOT let me post however.
Apparently it is not compatible with blogger.
I can read 3 posts updates at a sitting but can't scroll list and can't post.
Kinda like all the other "modern" conveniences we have :/
Are they really saving us time?
I don't think so. I think they makes me lazier.
Like laundry detergent and dryers.
LN rearranged her room and "found" laundry last night as well as regular laundry.
This morning I threw a load in but remembered I needed to make another
batch of detergent so I spent at least 10 min. doing that.
I proceeded to start her load and went about my day.
But 1st I had to decide what she would need to wear in the next few days
versus  can it wait but needs washed.
Reason- I don't have dryer and haven't for 5 years.
I didn't use it except in emergencies before that.
Emergency= my stepson visits and needs laundry NOW for return trip.
Now I have to plan ahead and consider drying time.
Take yesterday for example, rain, glorious rain made drying the 2 loads impossible.
Not impossible but inconvenient.
I had to break out the drying racks I use in winter and rearrange to set up.
I also hung the unmentionables up on the covered back porch as well as few shirts.
Most things were dry last night or this morning. I just have to fold them ;/
Different post .
Dryers make us lazy.
Or "in the moment" people I think.
Instant gratifiction.
LN never gets to tell me at 10:00 pm on a school night that she NEEDS such and such washed.
It just doesn't happen.
We do fine too. I've raise multiple kids playing multiple sports and never had to miss a game or match because their uniform wasn't clean or there.
And I don't drive forgotten items to school.
Remember your stuff.
I'm mean Mama!
Long rambling way to say...
It's Kindles fault I don't post more.
As I go about my day I grab it to check up but can't or don't ( because Kindles there)
take the time to boot computer and post.
I'm sorry. I'm going to do better and resist laziness option.
I'm opting out I hope. Cross your fingers.
Do wanna clarify I don't buy books on my Kindle.
I only read free downloadable books.
I can not justify buying when the library is so close to me and free.
This was a gift I didn't ask for because of that reason.
I love it as long as it's free though.


  1. Ha ha ha! I used my dryer once this summer.

    1. Lol sorry I had melt down this morning. Its the small things that drive me bonkers.

  2. There's no way I believe all our modern technological advances save us time. They just steal time from doing something else. Bottom line, I guess we just all have to decide what we are going to do with our time. (Did that make any sense at all?? I haven't touched the wine yet, honest.)

    1. Makes sense to me Mama Pea. I m just frustrated with myself for allowing it. Gotta keep trying and I will. Time is precious commodity I don't want to waste it.