Thursday, September 27, 2012


It doesn't feel fallish today.
It's sticky humid and sun is beating down.
I live across the Chesapeake Bay from Aberdeen MD.
I hear loud "thunder" regularly but today is bad.
It actually is tests that are sonic booms from the Proving Grounds over there.
I'm always curious what, why, where  and how.
Today it's why so many in a row?
I'm more aware since Sept. 11 attacks of the airbase activities locally in Dover
which I am less than 5 miles from and regionally in Aberdeen.
Probably routine but I'm aware and watching.
The week after 9/11 was crazy around here with the morgue being in Dover.
I saw the helicopters fly low over my house with the victims remains.
The air and sky were clear except those helicopters.
Makes me think, learn and remember.
Yesterday the fighter jets from Dover were flying maneuvers over us.
It takes me time to find the jets that match the roar I hear when they are outflying the sounds.
The weather is right today to carry the sounds from across the bay.
Locally our fire school is having classes because I can see the black smoke from their
test fires. It's only 5 mi away.
They go through thousands of straw bales a local farmer supplies annually that they burn in tests.
Weird all the little things you learn about if you pay attention to details.
Oblivious I ain't some times I should be but mostly it helps with my quest of knowledge.
I've always wanted to know more but am not "smart" as they say.
Common sense is it's own form of smart.
My kind of smart.
Ask me some questions in science I'm lost and I frankly don't care.
I don't do names either. I skip over small words in books.
I think like a computer in that I sort info coming in quickly and reject useless back out.
Only problem is what is useless is interpretation and I fail there.
I'm trying to absorb more and reject less.
Work in progress always...

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