Friday, September 7, 2012

Feast or Famine

Not 1 but 2 posts today...
Yeah me.
See what happens when I turn on computer instead of Kindle.

I have to mow my pasture yard and I'm putting it off since it's hot, humid and wayyyy toooo long.
Think I'm kidding?

Told you so and this was after fair but it is same or higher now.
Too many rainy days when I had time and a few days it never dried out from humidity.
I ll see what happens.

Waiting for grass to dry I made Banana Black Walnut Muffins.
We seem to never keep bananas before they go over ripe so I make these alot.

Think this pan has seen a few bakings?
I jacked it from my Dad's when I moved into my 1st place.
He never knew because he didn't bake. It was left from Mom who ran out on us years before.

Last picture, this is what I bought LN for her 13th birthday present.

A Gyro Bowl for toddlers just like on commercials.
She has been asking for it everytime she sees it on TV.
She was so excited.
She tried to spill everything she put it but couldn't.
Not bad for simple gift huh?

Doesn't take much to amuse my kids.
She also was allowed to go shopping at outlets so don't feel I cheaped out on her.

1 comment:

  1. Those Banana Black Walnut Muffins are making my stomach growl!

    It always amazes me the funny, little gifts that mean so much. Ya have to love a kid that is happy with her Gyro Bowl rather than a pair of jeans costing $125!