Wednesday, September 19, 2012


You see I have a monkey on my back.
I am a Coke addict.
I fight it hard but it is a stress reliever, a cooling break and I love them .
There are bad for my teeth, my body, my weight, my life.
Some days I do better than others.
This week I am consiously trying to not buy any unless I eat out.
I try to eat out at local place that doesn't serve Coke only Pepsi which I hate.
I do not buy cases for my home, I only buy singles if I stop at store or to eat.
I'm trying, I'm human, I love them.
Don't tell me just to stop , I do, I go weeks and months without them.
Stress is directly related to need for them which is a telling sign.
 I should destress but HE  the cause wont take the hint.
So not funny but again necessary to laugh about it for awhile yet.
Oh how I miss it.
What's worse I collect Coke "stuff" .
I have huge sign that hung outside place in PA that I loved to get real old fashioned subs
with the wooden long picks in it to hold it together.
I have little mirrors and magnets and advertisments as well.
I need to put them away.
But I love it!
On a side note I turned idiot box on at 8:00 pm last night to see what was on.
I had been reading before that, a Iris Johansen book, real good.
I flipped through 60 channels and nada, nothing, zip, zilch on.
I started to watch something I didn't even like.
When I realized that I turned it off and read till 10:00pm.
Lights out should have been earlier but better than mindless show I didn't even like.
It's a start.
Down with the monkeys!


  1. I hear ya girl, I hear ya. I'm like you with the Coke, but with something much, much worse. Not only a cola product, but a DIET cola product; Diet Pepsi. Same here; don't buy it for the house, but when I'm out, I'll stop at the gas station and get me a 32-ouncer. But I've been known, on occasion, to just make an excuse to go out in order to stop at the station for a soda! Yes, I am human, I am imperfect. But I try. Most of the time :)

    1. 32 ouncer? Oh my you have addiction too. I've been trying to buy a can (taste better too ice cold ;]) or the smallest bottle I can find. We can do this, this too shall pass, does either phrase help when a craving hits? No? Me neither but I'm still trying!

  2. Okay, both you soda swillin' gals, ALL soda pop is BAD for us (yes, CR the diet junk is even badder) but . . . your addiction could be worse!

    1. Hehehe MamaPea I know its bad. I am trying. Maybe now I'm knitting and tea drinking in the fall and winter I wont need the "rush ". I m kidding I swear. Lol