Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Soul

I love him.
He hurts my heart.
He is protective, witty, loyal to the death.
He is handsome, annoying as sin, full of life.
He's made mistakes.
He's a product of me.
I see as I age myself in him and my Dad.
My Dad hung the moon.
My son keeps it in the sky.
I love him.

I tear up as I hear him coming.
I hold it in cause he hates to see the emotion.
I let it out as he leaves.

Each of my kids evokes a different emotion in me.
He is my soul.


  1. Oh my. It's easy to see that came straight from your heart.

    1. Always does. He s me. Different w my girls they are special other ways . With him its emotional. Sally old lady today Mama Pea.