Saturday, September 29, 2012


LN had top soccer today. Her travel team had a "play" date with mentally challenged kids.
She loves it and has fun with them.
Afterwards we went to local diner with 2 other families for lunch.
I brought 2 extras home with me.
I forgot what it's like with more than 1 kid in the house.
Giggles, squeals, laughter, screams, noise and  sound, oh my
One of girls is OCD about cleaning.
She came to the wrong house.
She also is scared of big dogs.
Should I keep quiet on fact he's a pit bull?
That's what I thought.
The 2 girls who came home with us are development girls and don't get farm (albeit small one) life.
They were bored.
They played Twister.
Funny game..
I took them for Blizzards at DQ.
Good time was had by all.
Tomorrow they play another undefeated travel soccer team.
Crossing fingers and toes because it'll be a long ride home from King of Prussia if they lose.
Cool fallish night tonight means...
Time for knitting and vegging with my girl while watching Big Bang reruns.
I am a convert to Sheldon and Leonard.
Comfy Saturday Night All!

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