Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's been a good day.
Started day with an early game of travel soccer.
8:00 am warm up time with 9:00 am game time with heavy dew is not conducive to soccer.
LN's team was home this week so no major early time.
7:00 am wasn't too early to get up.
They won 1-0 and had a competitive game.
Her team didn't play exceptionally well but pulled it off .
Afterward we went out to brunch with 2 other families.
There were 8 of us (S slept in and didn't come) so we took 2 tables with 3 girls at one.
The waitress took adults and then girls orders. I ordered tuna fish and so did LN w/o us comparing.
Great minds and all, we love tuna.
Next was quick stop at home to get supplies and off to 4-H to work on litter barrel and window display with club members.
Sometimes too many helpers is not a good thing.
Chaos ensues and not as much gets done as you would expect.
But good that they came to help.
The 4-H year starts Sept 1st and always begins strong, weakening as it continues.
This was LN's artwork of a dog head in ground throwing debris and trash up into can.
The message is:
Clean up with 4-H
No Bones about it!
We ll see how it flies as we try to attach "trash" to can where dog is sending it.
I think some chalk ought to hold a crushed pop can and water bottle, etc. to side of can doncha think?
Yesterday we cleaned the beach. It was chilly and breezy as we left home but cleared off enough for girls to be barefoot as they picked up trash.
Of course silliness ensued there as well when they posed for picture taking.
Silly girls.
Nice weekend all and all.
Think I'm going to head to neighbors to watch some football.

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