Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yes or NO

Soccer game was a loss.
0-2 on a turf field.
They weren't playing fast enough for turf.
Turf is fast and ball bounces high and crazy.
They lost.
It was a long ride home from a very mad girl ranting and raving.
 I found out I made a non-friend today.
Apparently if I don't give a ride to her girl who my girl does not get along with I am a bad person.
I am not a doormat.
I have bend over backwards for quite a while now.
Don't have children and put them in activities if you can not get them there.
Her husband works in Afghanistan as a civilian.
That's a choice and it isn't my job to always pick up and take care of your kid because you chose that.
I like spending time 1 on 1 with LN or with people I like at least.
I'm mean I'm told.
I was raised with a guilty complex.
Always put everyone 1st but you was the motto I was taught by.
I learned well.
Another Mom who is a friend  told me to STOP.
She reminded me it's not my responsibility.
I know that but I hate to say no if I can say yes.
I am putting myself 1st or at least my kid 1st.
At least for a day or 2 before I haul another player to next weekends tournament with LN and me.
Oh well I do like her, she's a good kid and listens to me.
So much for self promotion.

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