Thursday, December 20, 2012


Umm I just realized it's the 20th of December.
I'm slow like that.
I need to find all the gifts I hid from LN.
She's a tad upset that nothing is under the tree but the gifts she bought and wrapped for us.
I have never allowed my kids to believe in Santa and that crap stuff.
I was raised in the church and it was not an option then or now.
I remember Christmas being on a Sunday and being allowed to open my gifts but I was not allowed to play with them because it was a day to worship Christ and we had to adher to that.
I do not do that to my kids but I never started make believe with them because I don't like when the bubble/lie bursts wide open and kids are mad and hurt about it.
If I am nothing I am brutally honest with people like it or not. My sister doesn't like it but if it's a spade it's a spade. I've raised the kids the same way and they are just like me in that respect.
Sometimes I have to call them back or temper what they say because of it.
I still believe if you don't want an honest answer don't ask the question.
Sometimes my sister starts a conversation with me by saying, "ok don't talk, just listen and don't say I told you so. I know your opinion".
Back to Christmas
I just believe in it being Jesus' birthday period.
We give gifts to kids and they have always known that with no ill effects.
We give them gifts to celebrate Jesus' birthday.
I collect santas and snowmen just like I collect sheep and livestock things.
It fun but not real.
Am I a meany? Maybe, probably but that's fine with me.
This world is too gray and pc for my liking.
Make a stand and stop straddling the fence or you'll have a sore you know what.

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