Friday, December 21, 2012

a few more

here's a few more of my favorite ornaments
 this is LN's new giraffe with a touch of sparkle
I cross stitched this toy soldier many moons ago

LN cross stitched this sign 3 yrs ago

This was a fair project for LN this yr in latch hook

the drum was made using toilet paper tube and match sticks as a homemade ornament
when my kids had a recycled tree for a 4-H contest 

R made this for me 15 yrs ago
Gosh I'm old

the picture doesn't show how vibrantly red Santa is
he's made of wax
each yr I cross my fingers he doesn't melt in the heat of the storage area under the roof eaves
It's a rainy blah day in DE.
I don't wanna move.
Can I go back to bed?
Yea I didn't think so.
Oops it's end of the world day.
I forgot.
I'll let you know tomorrow how I make out.
A little Mayan humor

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