Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy Day

Today was not a day of rest for me. It never is anymore.
LN & I went to a friends to work on a gingerbread house for a 4-H contest next Sunday.
I took along my Christmas present to my self.
I played around with my new toy and I think I likey verryyy much.
There are more complicated models but more than sufficient for my amateur status requires.
Two lenses and a camera bag were included.
I'm stoked.
Anyhow today LN and friend made this...

A German type Grist Mill with a moving water wheel.
Its made of gingerbread and decorated with candy,  cereal and icings.
They ate as much icing as they used.
It took 4 hours just to decorate.
Gingerbread was baked couple of days ago so it would harden.
In the middle they went to a senior center and decorated a tree for another contest this week.
Clubs compete in a homemade tree decorating contest.
It must be placed in the community where it can be viewed and judged.
Members painted and crafted 10 different ornaments for our tree "Holiday Friends".
I'm not as sore as last few days but I begin again tomorrow so I'm ready for it.


  1. Congrats on your new camera!!! Those girls did a good job on the gingerbread house!! It seems like she keeps you really busy!!

    1. Certainly am busy especially with 4-H . My dog just got sprayed by shunk so my Monday just got busier. Oh well least I know I am alive with all this movement.