Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cold Day Stuff

Think she's bagging up?
Almost time ;]

Bellies are full ... soon

What else to do on a cold, windy day but wash and fit a steer?
Doesn't LN look happy?
Do you like your washing outfit? 

Her BIL S2 and his friend were coming to clip and fit her steer.
Time to see how he's doing.
Gem's in the background eating as usual.

Of course the steer moved as I shot the picture.
S2 and LN were setting him up for C the fitter to assess.
He weighed 770# so I'm doing my job creeping him along slowly.
Plenty of time till July.
Today between few hours cleaning steer pen & helping wash the beast
I set up lambing jugs and most of kidding pens.
S finished his goat door but didn't set up fencing needed.
He did replace the board a steer tore up 2 yrs ago though.
Why rush things ya know?
He also finished washer repairs from last month so I have hot water again if I want it.
He tried to level it but it doesn't seem to be the case.
I hate that washer.
It always throws up codes which shuts itself off mid-load and drives me nuts.
I had to split a regular load the other day and re-wash each one.
The amount was what I normally have been washing for the last 5 years.
It finally finished 2 small loads today w/o issues after S cleaned trap that noone tells you about
but his buddy whose machine genius showed us.
He pulled 3 bobby pins and 2 small metal things so I would think that wasn't it but who knows.
Computer boards are for the birds!


  1. Non-cattle chick here....
    What does it mean to "fit" a steer? Does he have somewhere fancy to go and needs to squeeze into a size 30 pair of slacks?

  2. Yep, I would say that sheepie is bagging up! :)
    I would NOT want to be outside playing in the water on a cold and windy day! Brrrr...