Sunday, December 16, 2012


LN had two 4-H community service events on Saturday.
Her club filled 25 baskets for the elderly with homemade goods.
This meant we needed 25 donations.
Hence Friday I baked 225 small loaves of Lemon-Blueberry Bread.
It took all day.
I made the same recipe 7 times over.
7 sticks of butter
7 cups of sugar
about 9 cups of blueberries (I added extra)
a dozen lemons
alot of stuff, so much I ran out and had to go for supplies 2/3 of the way through
LN wrapped them after they cooled. I hope the recipients enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer.
This cheered me...
It's ceramic and heavy and fun.
Keeps my tea warm alot longer. Yes it's regular black but I drink alot of green tea as well.
Working out and diet modifying is continuing.
I walk as fast as I can on treadmill (w/o running-knees) for an hour and do cardio exercises each day
 if I don't go to the gym with my trainer.
So far so good.
Food stinks. I don't care for chicken breast or fish but I eat it.
Still yuck!
A few family members are opposed to my working out.
Seems it interferes with their expectations of what I should spend my energy and time on.
Not gonna stop me just pisses, yes I said piss, me off and makes me work harder.
I may never be bikini ready or win Mrs. America but that isn't my goal.
I'll go till I'm ready to say, "I like me".  

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