Saturday, December 29, 2012


Nothing makes you feel old like going to the gym with your 13 yr old that is an active sports freak who wears a size 00 or on her fat days maybe a 0.
Seriously who decided to make 00 or 0"s?
Some sadistic man I'll bet since their pant sizes don't have a 0 they start around a 30!
Anyway we went this afternoon and she had to outshow or outwork me without breaking a sweat.
I did go and do my hour of cardio and sweated my *#@ off as usual.
LN wants to go back with me.
Hmmm she is motivation when there isn't a trainer so....?
She loved the elliptical imagine that.
I tend to HATE it, just saying.
But I did 10 min on elliptical, 30 on treadmill, 15 on rower and 12.5 on bike.
She laughed at me and said "lets keep going".
Told you she's crazy.
I'm glad I went and I feel accomplished.
Now I can shower and relax ...
except for animal chores, dinner, laundry and then maybe knit on my new project.
Tomorrow's another day...
Wish this was here but no snow just more rain and mud.
Snow was less than an hour north of us.
Go figure huh?

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  1. I guess a younger person can whip your bum into shape just as good as a trainer.....and you don't have to pay her! Or do you? :)