Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I love older people, ie. my parents age or older.
They have so much to teach s if we listen.
I try to listen.
Hence... Hopki!
Hopki is a Japanese citizen living in the US since about 1970.
She is in her late 70's .
She is so interesting to talk to if I can understand her.
She met and married a US serviceman in Japan where he was stationed in the late 60's.
He tried to re enlist and stay in Japan as long as possible but inevitably he had to come home.
Hopki came with him against her wishes but she loved him.
Her husband passed away about 12 yrs ago.
She remained her all alone with no family or children here.
She says it's familiar now so she isn't going back since her parents and siblings are gone.
She loves animals and will spend her money to feed all of them very well.
She feels that each opussum, racoon, shunk, squirrel, bird and dog needs love and feed
She brings our dog biscuits and bones by the pound.
I remind her that we are a feed and livestock business and sell those products.
She brings us food like shrimp chips, candy and peanuts in shell.
Again I sell 50# bags of peanuts in our business.
She is so generous and thoughtful now I  just said Thank-you and accept.
She lives alone and drives herself.
She needed her license renewed to the federal type.
At DMV they gave her the requirements and she told them she was born in Japan.
Again they gave her the requirements, ya know your 1st born and multiple copies of everything?
She again told them I was born in Japan.
They insisted so...
Miss Hopki brought her Japanese birth certificate all 6-7 ft of it.
Written in Japanese and never translated.
DMV actually went and hired a translator to authenticate she was telling the truth.
They eventually gave her the federal license.
If you could have heard her heavily Japanese accented story you would have busted a gut like I did.
I wish I would have been there to watch the bureaucracy being given their comeuppance by a 4'6" Japanese lady who just wants to drive to buy animal feed, bird seed and dog bones. 

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