Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quick but Not

I bought 3 skeins of varigated yarn a few months ago.
After finishing the orange lacey nightmare of a scarf (sorry no pics on Christmas of R with it)
I pulled this out..
Looks are deceiving but pretty right?
I was thinking a chunky scarf.
Note to self- self you should def read labels.
I could not cast on because it actually looks like this...

It opens to lattice work with a tighter band or ribbon at bottom.
I was stumped.
Again note to self- self read label NOW.
I did and you don't "cast" on you weave through the upper row of lattice work to begin
then turn and knit using loops pulled through another opening as you knit.
Get it? I didn't so I read again then Eureka!

Look it's a Beethoven era cravat fall type of scarve.
Fast but annoying.
I didn't have bamboo needles in this size 7 and the metal ones slipped yarn quick.
I had a hard time holding it together.
I could have finished in 1 day but I took 3 because it was Christmas Eve morning
when I started . I knit maybe 3 hours.
Christmas day maybe another hour and today another hour.
Pretty quick results I thought.
LN was happy.

She tried different styles.
After present openings she has begun her 1st day back to school outfit designs.
Not sure if this will make the cut but it should make the 1st week back choices.


                                                     I now have to decide what's next???


  1. That's soo cute!!! I wish I could knit!

    1. I just taught myself over the last yr. It takes lots of practice for sure. I find mistakes all the time. I want to graduate to socks and sweaters soon.

  2. I have never seen that kind of "yarn." The scarf turned out nice! :)

    1. I wasn't prepared for it either but it came out kinds cool. A good surprise :)