Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Starting to ...

It's starting to look like Christmas season a tiny bit here.
LN & I pulled all the boxes out of the cubby storage holes in this 100 yr old house.
There is no attic as the bedrooms have slanted walls from being under the roof.
It is a feat to stack all my decorations so they all fit in the tiny cubby hole along with boxes
containing income taxes and records for last 7 years.
Anyhooo we managed to unload everything and switch out taxes and store some other things.
Now the daunting task of unpacking and repacking things that are already out.
Boxes are not labeled, that would take the fun out of discovering the treasures inside each one.
First box I opened had a quilt I bought in WV two  years ago.
It is enormous and I don't have a spot to display it properly so it all shows but I'm working on it.
I have it draped over some old ladders and forks standing against the living room wall.
Cute Family

A separate block

Each side of main panel has tons of interesting blocks.
I love the little sled.

Cute fabrics of the season and snowflakes machine embroidered.

Gotta have a tree ya know.
See the lower right block? I like the candy , so festive.
I think I paid $40.00 and it was worth it in my opinion.

I mixed up and baked Citrus Bars for 4-H party last night.
I snuck 2 small ones but did not eat any of the other 20 goodies other parents made.
I can survive this season and do this!
I will and I can.

So good with a cup of tea though.
I wish....
This is a teaser...
What do you think I made with this shiny, man-made fabric?
I'll tell you later.

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