Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Teaser

Remember the teaser? A bolt of shiny polyester mix fabric?

I cut 20" across the width of bolt and sewed it together to form a tube.
Pinned and sewed a 1 1/4" top sleeve and a 1/2" bottom hem.

Insert elastic in the sleeve and sew shut.

Waalaaa... do it 8 times over and you have ...
A Candy Cane skirt for the float for 8 girls last Friday night.
No pictures of the parade or float because
it POURED cats and dogs and Mama ain't ruining her new camera.
I will try to find a picture from another parent.
As for Picasa issues...
If I download my pictures to Google (plus) then I can upload them to Blogger without paying.
It takes longer but doesn't cost me to download.
This blog was to be an online diary/blog .
 I will not pay to add  photos and I think a blog without pics is boring.
I don't care wether anyone else reads it or just me I like pictures.
I tried to copy/paste but can't so I'll see how this goes. 


  1. I can only copy pictures that I have uploaded to FB! Glad you figured it out ☺ Very creative mama, the skirt is cute!!!

    1. There were 8 girls dancing the can-can or cane-cane on our float for 4-H. Pouring down rain ... so much fun ;)