Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Tree

LN & I picked out, set up and decorated our tree today.
Umm small issue, tiny , miniscule really.
After finishing before putting on my burlap tree skirt I filled the stand
and guess what??? Surprise, Surprise, Surprise !!!
The stand cracked and leaked all over .
I had a temper tantrum that was un-Christmas like to say the least.
A temporary bowl under the stand with a towel under the whole soaking mess
will suffice until S brings home a new tree stand.
Tomorrow the 3 of us will work in tantum to move the decorated tree to a new home.
Sounds easy and fun right?

I think it came out pretty but hard to see even with flash.
I need to take daylight pictures.

LN snapped some of her favorite ornaments such as her giraffe, she's obsessed.

One of her several soccer ornaments. Think it looks like her?

I believe this is her 1st grade ornament.
I try to add one each year for her future collection.
She has never seen the Jetsons but loves this set .

LN loved Bob the Builder when she was young so Wendy is always used.
LN named her 1st market goat Wendy when she was 3 yr old.
Wendy is still with us at 10 yrs old now.

Who doesn't love Arthur? Another younger childhood memory.

Gotta have a 4-H nod of course.

My new addition to the flock.

A few other ewes .

A cutie patootie

I made this Santa in multiples as a teacher's gift a few years ago.

I don't even remeber this friendly snowman but I like it.

A sparkily 3D snowflake that's vintage. I have 2 of these sparklers.
I love me some peanut butter cups so LN thought this was a good gift last year.

I love this handpainted light bulb I scored at a craft show a long time ago.
Well doesn't everyone have a naked Santa on their tree?

Again LN thought this was so me one year.

I was not amused but grew to like it a little.
This is just a teeny tiny sample of out wacky tree.
No color coordinated yuppy tree for us.
LN told me about her friends tree like that, she said "it's so impersonal".

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