Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tired but...

I am tired and very sore in my arms especially.
I'm so tired I washed my face with finger nail polish remover instead of facewash.
Is that a bad thing?
I'm tired.
Been a trying week and not over yet.
Worked with trainer Thursday and Friday.
Dang near puked or passed out Friday.
Didn't quit!
Walked on treadmill for 45 min today and completed 4 sets of 20 of 2 other exercises.
Went to local orchard and bought last apples fresh picked as well as local broccoli.
Ran errands w LN and she watched me eat like a hawk so I couldn't try anything.
LN & 2 friends ran Salvation Army bell for 2 hrs. tonight at Wally World.
I HATE Wally World.
I try to never enter that store.
They wanna take shut down all small businesses and bankrupt the rest.
I went in tonight and reminded myself why I hate that store.
My MIL wanted me to shop for $15.00 gift to donate at her Lioness meeting Wednesday.
I was there and forgot yogurt today at my regular store as well as a 4-H project supply.
I went in.
Double Yuck
After my 10 min dash for 3 things I stood with girls and watched the chaos outside.
"It's cheap so let's buy more foreign made junk that will last about 1/10th as long as American-made."
"Well while I'm here let me buy all kinds of stuff I don't need cause it's cheap."
"I wonder why I'm broke all the time."
People need to wake up and think about things.
We'll never pull out of our "economic crisis" if we only support China, Pakistan and India.
Support AMERICANS for a change.
OK I'm off the soap box .... for now!

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