Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grrrr TOM

If menopause is going to happen then happen dang it!
T.O.M. can stop visiting.
Cramping can stop.
It's been long enough for my lifetime.
If it aint gonna stop I want a baby then.
That made everyone shut up, now didn't it?
It is NOT fun to workout for an hour on AB exercises today.
I do have seedlings popping in the greenhouse.
Zinnias were 1st and I do love me some flowers.
Today I saw broccoli and cauliflower popping through.
Cold weather doesn't stop spring happenings.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makes you think...

If you are squeamish stop reading.
I saw a man die today.
Not his face and not close up but enough.
The EMT's and others may have brought him back but he died 1st.
At the gym I was on the stairmaster which is 7-9 ft in the air when I'm on top of it so I could see whole area.
A man was moving between 2 weight machines in the next open room area and collapsed.
No one knows if he struck his head but he lost consciousness and stopped breathing shortly thereafter.
A woman I know from there started CPR when she became aware of the situation but 5 min at least went by before that.
He had lots of others maybe 10 guys around him and the front desk guys had been informed.
2 kids by my book, I know one is 24 as he went to school with R.
I stayed away thinking there was enough help and confusion but kept stepping and watching.
The EMT's showed up 15 min after the collapse and 10min after lady started CPR.
He was shocked 2x before his heart started and left with EMT's breathing for him.
Still not sure I could have helped much but should I have?
I'm pretty calm considering emergency and had a horse fall on a guy in our arena while roping once.
Me and 1 other lady helped him until medi-vac came.
Men all left area except my Dad who helped.
He recovered with broken bones.
Today didn't sound that promising.
Makes you think what if and I should.
He didn't look overweight or obese, just average joe working out.
Makes you re-evaluate and think.

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th ?

This was my view in the just getting light dawn hour this morning.
I went inside to re-check the date, March 25th?
Normal for northern states but abnormal for tiny DE.

Mouse was not impressed either with my I-Phone Camera (sorry for bad pics)
or the weather.
It has snowed all day but not really accumulated.
Grassy areas are covered mostly.
I drove to gym at 8 am even though notoriously I do NOT drive in snow because of "other" drivers.
Road in front of my abode is showing pavement through slushy mix.
Oh joy tomorrows trip to gym should be interesting with moisture on roads freezing overnight.
Happy March 25th world!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

3 for 2

LN thought she was getting 2 market hogs from Indiana.
However by sending her BIL, S2 you just can expect changes.
3 Beasts arrived, 2 barrows and 1 gilt.
Barrows are castrated boys, gilts are females not yet bred or delivered.

Fights have issued but it is their nature.
Names have been given, ummm do you really want to know?
 I'll tell you.

Obama, Mohammad and Michelle
 meet Goose the big , bad pit bull with the furiously waving tail licking the blood
off the injured party.
One long un-reviving night it has been, I slept for 5 and 1/2 hours then got up to
unload pigs, went back to bed at 3:30 but couldn't sleep with 2 snoring creatures, ie: S & Goose.
At 4:30 I went to sofa and read emails for an hour then slept for another 3 off and on till
giving up and getting on with feeding and chores.
I am a solid 8 or 9 hour girl, less makes me sluggish and unproductive.
I don't want that.
LN slept 8:45 pm to 8:30 am.
She is grouchy and ankle is hurting from the kick but the rest is getting better.
She met her pigs and walked her feeder, Diablo with Pinkey's help (new calf) after consuming 2 bowls of cereal.
She is doing her sewing homework from last week to her poncho's hem.
Oops, I spoke too soon , she just stormed off to her room.
Apparently I smiled or laughed at her less than stellar demeanor.
Lack of sleep and aches and pains hit her disposition hard, puberty doesn't assist much either.
Oh well,
I took a private family photography portrait session this morning.
I am proud
Meet Gemstone (Miss Sinful's Gem) and her son Mr. Pinkey.
What I am not proud of is the annual spreading of the manure commencing across from my house.
Yes I know it's necessary but definitely not desirable.
PeeeUeeeee, smelly, stinky, yuck
Crops will be appreciative this year and I'll get over the stink permeating everything after awhile.
Happy sweet smelling Sunday ya'll.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Long Day

Today was 1st soccer tournament of the spring season.
It was 28* when we left at 6:15 am for the fields.
LN's team won 1st 8am game 8-0.
LN scored 2 goals, 1 a breakaway and another as a PK (personal foul in the circle).
2nd game was won also.
3rd and last game was tied 0-0.
With points calculated they finished 2nd of 6 teams in their division.
LN took numerous corner shots but I love this slightly, blurry picture shot of her beautiful "face".
Stupid camera was on sports mode but kept focusing in the background and trees.
So frustrated so I put it away.
LN is a hurting kid.
Her leg is swollen in the knee and ankle areas and her toe is bruised and maybe broken.
I hope it's just overuse and not serious.
On Wednesday she had a rough practice physically at school and took a lot of leg abuse followed by a 2nd practice with her travel team.
Thursday she had regular school practice and scrimmage.
Today she again suffered during 3 games.
She remembers being kicked in the ankle and having them roll over a few times on the frozen ground.
It stayed frigid and windy all day.
She played through and didn't wimp out  but I am watching her closely.
If she bad on Monday I guess a doc visit is in order.
Her 1st school game where she is captain is Tuesday so fingers are crossed.
She won't back off so I'll have to force her if it's needed.
Not a position I enjoy.
One tough chick...
Love my competitive kids.
R and S2 drove for 24 hrs. round trip to collect LN's pigs for this year in Indiana this weekend.
They bought them online and at an auction once they drove out there.
A few other families asked to have their pigs brought to DE also, cuts travel expenses a lot I hope.
They are expected to arrive back at 3 am tonight/tomorrow morning.
Guess who came home from tournament and worked to finish getting pen ready after all day in the cold already?
Yep, this Mama who didn't want LN to be on her legs anymore.
She came home, took a shower and collapsed on the sofa.
9:00pm she is in bed no matter what.
Mean Mama!
Tomorrow she is going to finish her pants and outfit details.
Almost done and none too soon.
Contest is April 13th.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Better Late ?

Better late than never I'm told, right?
I finally got up enough gumption to follow through and plant some flats.
This is my greenhouse constructed of old windows on a cement slab that is on an old mobile home site in out field. It has a well and electric.
I am 6 weeks behind schedule but I forged ahead .
If the garden is late at least I'll have one.
My inside view...
I only planted 3 flats and have room for tons more but I have been in such a funk with other personal issues (no not health wise or my kids) and I'm not ready to share, that I have not felt myself.
I used to plant extras to sell to our feed store customers but not this year.

I have some other flats to plant tomorrow but I started.
Today was a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
Tomorrow maybe flowers :} they make me smile.
I have to view this as an obligation and necessity to complete.
That way I will finish.
S managed to get the propane heater to click on and I went down to turn it up at dark as it's supposed to drop temperatures again tonight.
And we're off.................
I need to go through the sheep area to access the field and green house so I snapped a few pictures of the gang.
This lamb is always half way in the trough after I throw the grain to the ewes.
His tail just dropped off and the dog was carrying it around.
                                                                My curious Georges...
Love this lambs spot on his backend.
Gym is still there and I'm working out 5 or 6 days a week.
Staying the course...

Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm serious about this.
Maybe an update later.
Did more sewing with lil girl yesterday.
Her face says it all too.
Happy Freaking Monday Ya'll !

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Progress is being made on LN's next outfit.
She has her 4-H Fashion Revue mid-April so times ticking.
So far she has spent 3 days and about 15 hours on her Cape/Poncho.
She's so serious and dedicated!
Her record books for 4-H in sewing project will be documented thusly!
This is the idea and about 80% completed Poncho.
No buttons or buttonholes and lots of handstitching of liners and collar to body still to complete.

Pretty snazzy though to start.
She's wearing athletic pants here but will be making pant wool skinny leg pants tucked into boots.
At first she wanted the collar to button all the way up and slouch a bit but with red popping through she likes this set-up better.
I won a drawing for a huge box of hooking supplies and rug that has been started.
was given the box of supplies and kindly held a drawing to pass it on.
I helped my Uncle T on a few rugs he made as a child/teenager and
 by help I mean probably got in his way.
I guess I'm going to actually learn and refresh now with another project gifted to me.

The price tag on this is till attached, $80.00. Wow I would have never guessed.
I assume this is to mount the area of your project you are currently hooking on. The "gripper" teeth are similar to my hand carders for my sheep.

The rug has 27x40 printed down one side and lots of areas to complete.
Wonder how to make more hours in my day?
I know I need to continue at the gym and working out but that's about 2 hours with driving time I could be pursuing "fun" stuff ya know.
I won't stop since I can see my results but I may force my butt up earlier than 6 am so at least I have more time after the gym.
I am such a procrastinator I frustrate myself.
I still haven't started any seeds although I at least ordered them.
I gotta get on the ball here.
Can't complain since it's my job to do.
So what am I waiting for?
You don't want me to go there.
Trust me

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pretty and then...

1st something pretty.
My lunch salad with spring mix, tomatoes, tuna and mushrooms.
No dressing.
And then not so pretty...
And it isn't just my bad i-phone4 pictures either!
I sorta waited too long to strip sheep pen.
Yesterday I couldn't get the gate open all the way so I started.
6-10" of packed manure mixed with straw.
The outside gate is too small to bring the wheelbarrow inside.
What were we thinking?
Fork by fork I carried 13 wheelbarrow loads out and dumped them.

 At least until the last wheelbarrow it didn't smell.
It was so hardpacked it was coming up in sheets that were so heavy.
Perseverance pays off and the radio blaring country station at top volume helped :}
Pen cleaned, creep feeder up and filled, tails and nuts banded, Scrapies and ID tags inserted.
Lesson learned-don't wait so long-get it done
Today is crappy day , the 6-12" snow rain is sheeting down.
I've fed up outside in it, S did inside, something wrong with that.
I also opened all drainage ditches in the back that immediately filled up. 
I decided I was already soaked so I caught and tied up 8 wk old feeder and came him grain.
I caught him sucking off Gem who delivered last week.
He ignores his mom and she ignores him except for nursing which until Gem delivered was fine.
That can't happen so I have to make changes somehow.
I'll leave you with something cute, even with my phone picture.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Promised Update

In a moment of breathing room this morning after working cattle and cleaning pens w S2
here's my update before running LN to frigid soccer practice and going to gym.
Bull calf has been named Pinkey by girls, poor thing.
Moments after birth before I drug him around to Mama.

Yesterday all dry and full and happy and soft!

So sweet and curious.
I learned not to panic that he wouldn't nurse.
Wait and see up to 12 hours from birth before panicking.
I have no patience for waiting.
Animals are smarter than me.
I need patience.
See a theme ?
He's running around and adults are chasing him this morning.
I let him and mama out of holding pen I put them in to birth and bond for a few days.
Pecking order has to be established so I'm trying not to watch as everyone greets and knocked into new addition.
In other species what is wrong or right with this picture?
Yep she's babysitting all 6 lambs.
Rest of ewes are way behind the one in upper right.
They take turns laying with the "children".
I still need to tag and band but have to wait for another day.

Ding Dong made her cake and competed .
She received a blue ribbon but didn't place overall which is fine.
I'm just glad we managed to get her  there and in a happy mood.
She also did her Junior Council hours helping judges and then
skipped with some of her smaller buddies.
Doesn't she look sad and depressed?

We raced for opening game of Philadelphia Union.
It was sadly a boring game with no energy.
Cold was name of game for us but still enjoy the sport so just piled on alot of clothes.
After leaving stadium and hiking mile back to car, we went with 2 friends
the girl said "let's eat where there is hot chocolate please".
I just measured LN again and she's cleared 5'8" so she was so happy.
She's all about towering over her 5'2" Mama.
Can't fix it so gotta laugh about it.
Off to load hay and then off to practice and gym.
Happy Sunday Ya'll.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The faucet has been found and used successfully . Off to fundraiser in a better mood ! Tads finally...

Ok ish ?

Calf delivered easily enough. Been 5 hrs still wobbly and hasn't nursed that I be seen :/ tried to force him to nurse and tried bottle but he fought so hard I couldn't get results. I called vet and she said back off and wait up to 12 hrs is still fine. I don't wait well when I have a lot going on today and evening. I have to have faith and cross it off my list but... Calf is a bull and I ll post pictures after I'm sure of progress. He's sleeping by his mom who is licking him to death and so... I have chili made, and food stuff in truck for tonight's fundraiser. Lena's cake for sat has been prepped and issues fixed- another story, another time :/ tablecloth choices ironed and dishes gathered up. Laundry washed from birthing lets just say yuck ,smelly ,nasty and let it go . I will update as I have time but please, please, please HELP ME :-| send thoughts, prayers and CAFFEINE .


Labor is ongoing for 1st time heifer. I'm nervous.