Saturday, March 23, 2013

Long Day

Today was 1st soccer tournament of the spring season.
It was 28* when we left at 6:15 am for the fields.
LN's team won 1st 8am game 8-0.
LN scored 2 goals, 1 a breakaway and another as a PK (personal foul in the circle).
2nd game was won also.
3rd and last game was tied 0-0.
With points calculated they finished 2nd of 6 teams in their division.
LN took numerous corner shots but I love this slightly, blurry picture shot of her beautiful "face".
Stupid camera was on sports mode but kept focusing in the background and trees.
So frustrated so I put it away.
LN is a hurting kid.
Her leg is swollen in the knee and ankle areas and her toe is bruised and maybe broken.
I hope it's just overuse and not serious.
On Wednesday she had a rough practice physically at school and took a lot of leg abuse followed by a 2nd practice with her travel team.
Thursday she had regular school practice and scrimmage.
Today she again suffered during 3 games.
She remembers being kicked in the ankle and having them roll over a few times on the frozen ground.
It stayed frigid and windy all day.
She played through and didn't wimp out  but I am watching her closely.
If she bad on Monday I guess a doc visit is in order.
Her 1st school game where she is captain is Tuesday so fingers are crossed.
She won't back off so I'll have to force her if it's needed.
Not a position I enjoy.
One tough chick...
Love my competitive kids.
R and S2 drove for 24 hrs. round trip to collect LN's pigs for this year in Indiana this weekend.
They bought them online and at an auction once they drove out there.
A few other families asked to have their pigs brought to DE also, cuts travel expenses a lot I hope.
They are expected to arrive back at 3 am tonight/tomorrow morning.
Guess who came home from tournament and worked to finish getting pen ready after all day in the cold already?
Yep, this Mama who didn't want LN to be on her legs anymore.
She came home, took a shower and collapsed on the sofa.
9:00pm she is in bed no matter what.
Mean Mama!
Tomorrow she is going to finish her pants and outfit details.
Almost done and none too soon.
Contest is April 13th.

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