Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th ?

This was my view in the just getting light dawn hour this morning.
I went inside to re-check the date, March 25th?
Normal for northern states but abnormal for tiny DE.

Mouse was not impressed either with my I-Phone Camera (sorry for bad pics)
or the weather.
It has snowed all day but not really accumulated.
Grassy areas are covered mostly.
I drove to gym at 8 am even though notoriously I do NOT drive in snow because of "other" drivers.
Road in front of my abode is showing pavement through slushy mix.
Oh joy tomorrows trip to gym should be interesting with moisture on roads freezing overnight.
Happy March 25th world!


  1. Well, as good as you have been at getting to the gym regularly, it wouldn't hurt to stay home safe if the roads are icy tomorrow morning. (Do I sound like your mother?) It's hard to believe all the snow bloggers have been posting about. Even Carolyn down in the Ozarks had 6" a day or so ago. Also ice on her peach blossoms which is enough to make a grown person cry. Come on, Mother Nature, shape up!

    1. Global warming my behind! Lol seriously weird weather right now. Yes Mommy I will check out roads before deciding on gym tomorrow. I could use a parent if your daughter doesn't mind sharing just let me know.