Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pretty and then...

1st something pretty.
My lunch salad with spring mix, tomatoes, tuna and mushrooms.
No dressing.
And then not so pretty...
And it isn't just my bad i-phone4 pictures either!
I sorta waited too long to strip sheep pen.
Yesterday I couldn't get the gate open all the way so I started.
6-10" of packed manure mixed with straw.
The outside gate is too small to bring the wheelbarrow inside.
What were we thinking?
Fork by fork I carried 13 wheelbarrow loads out and dumped them.

 At least until the last wheelbarrow it didn't smell.
It was so hardpacked it was coming up in sheets that were so heavy.
Perseverance pays off and the radio blaring country station at top volume helped :}
Pen cleaned, creep feeder up and filled, tails and nuts banded, Scrapies and ID tags inserted.
Lesson learned-don't wait so long-get it done
Today is crappy day , the 6-12" snow rain is sheeting down.
I've fed up outside in it, S did inside, something wrong with that.
I also opened all drainage ditches in the back that immediately filled up. 
I decided I was already soaked so I caught and tied up 8 wk old feeder and came him grain.
I caught him sucking off Gem who delivered last week.
He ignores his mom and she ignores him except for nursing which until Gem delivered was fine.
That can't happen so I have to make changes somehow.
I'll leave you with something cute, even with my phone picture.


  1. Your salad looks for good, it's so healthy!!!!

    What a cute picture of your little guy.

    1. Salad is getting more appetizing as I go so that's good. I will admit to craving a good burger and fries with a cold milkshake though. At least my thoughts are non-caloric I think.

  2. It must be the end of winter causing a craving for greens 'cause we've been eating a big salad for lunch about 4-5 days a week lately. (But we've had dressing, sorry.) Yours looks wonderful!

    Can you move today after doing all that mucking out yesterday? I well remember the muck and packed stuff (almost like sheets of fiber board!) that would come up when we cleaned out our goats' pens and houses. Doesn't it feel great to have it all done?

    1. Mucking makes me tired and sore but just for a few hours. I do so much physical work I have pretty good stamina usually.

  3. The pens look much nicer in the "after" picture! :)
    We had a big salad last night for supper. I agree with Mama Pea, must be that time of year.
    Thanks for that final dose of cute, what a sweetie!!

    1. Funny how the after pictures always do with no caked manure in sight.