Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Progress is being made on LN's next outfit.
She has her 4-H Fashion Revue mid-April so times ticking.
So far she has spent 3 days and about 15 hours on her Cape/Poncho.
She's so serious and dedicated!
Her record books for 4-H in sewing project will be documented thusly!
This is the idea and about 80% completed Poncho.
No buttons or buttonholes and lots of handstitching of liners and collar to body still to complete.

Pretty snazzy though to start.
She's wearing athletic pants here but will be making pant wool skinny leg pants tucked into boots.
At first she wanted the collar to button all the way up and slouch a bit but with red popping through she likes this set-up better.
I won a drawing for a huge box of hooking supplies and rug that has been started.
was given the box of supplies and kindly held a drawing to pass it on.
I helped my Uncle T on a few rugs he made as a child/teenager and
 by help I mean probably got in his way.
I guess I'm going to actually learn and refresh now with another project gifted to me.

The price tag on this is till attached, $80.00. Wow I would have never guessed.
I assume this is to mount the area of your project you are currently hooking on. The "gripper" teeth are similar to my hand carders for my sheep.

The rug has 27x40 printed down one side and lots of areas to complete.
Wonder how to make more hours in my day?
I know I need to continue at the gym and working out but that's about 2 hours with driving time I could be pursuing "fun" stuff ya know.
I won't stop since I can see my results but I may force my butt up earlier than 6 am so at least I have more time after the gym.
I am such a procrastinator I frustrate myself.
I still haven't started any seeds although I at least ordered them.
I gotta get on the ball here.
Can't complain since it's my job to do.
So what am I waiting for?
You don't want me to go there.
Trust me


  1. Yay, yay, yay that you can see the results from all your hard work in the gym and on your food intake. You sure deserve a lot of credit for sticking with it. (Especially with your busy daily schedule.) Yep, I often think about getting up earlier in the morning to "make my days longer" but I've always been a person (even all the way back to my teen years) who feels lots better on more sleep so when I'm shorted on it, I get pretty ugly. Sigh.

    1. I am always tired MamaPea, ALWAYS! I just go to bed earlier if I get up earlier. No idiot box viewing helps me out there. No I have no health issues like thyroid or anything, just a lot of sleep needed girl. I'm pretty snarly all the time with a short fuse so I don't think anyone would notice if I got worse.

  2. I love the rug you are making. I have yet gotten back to the gym since being sick. Maybe this week....

    1. The rug was included in the giveaway. I have to figure out the process to complete it.

  3. LN is doing great with her project! She should be soo proud, it's cute!
    The rug is really neat! I hope you find time to work on it. It will be awesome when it's finished!
    I have felt tired this week. I think it's the time change. I feel like I have jet lag or something. I'm pretty sure moms aren't allowed naps. I don't know why not! We need them more than anyone else!!!!

    1. Naps should be required each day I think. I hope the rug turns out good too.

  4. LN's cape looks great, what a good job! It will be really cute with some skinny pants and boots, very late 60s!
    Wouldn't it be nice if there WERE more hours in the day to do the "fun" things? (sigh)

    1. It is 60's ish isn't it? She thinks it's Sherlock Holmes like which is cool to her. She has a wool hat to wear with it as well.