Sunday, March 3, 2013

Promised Update

In a moment of breathing room this morning after working cattle and cleaning pens w S2
here's my update before running LN to frigid soccer practice and going to gym.
Bull calf has been named Pinkey by girls, poor thing.
Moments after birth before I drug him around to Mama.

Yesterday all dry and full and happy and soft!

So sweet and curious.
I learned not to panic that he wouldn't nurse.
Wait and see up to 12 hours from birth before panicking.
I have no patience for waiting.
Animals are smarter than me.
I need patience.
See a theme ?
He's running around and adults are chasing him this morning.
I let him and mama out of holding pen I put them in to birth and bond for a few days.
Pecking order has to be established so I'm trying not to watch as everyone greets and knocked into new addition.
In other species what is wrong or right with this picture?
Yep she's babysitting all 6 lambs.
Rest of ewes are way behind the one in upper right.
They take turns laying with the "children".
I still need to tag and band but have to wait for another day.

Ding Dong made her cake and competed .
She received a blue ribbon but didn't place overall which is fine.
I'm just glad we managed to get her  there and in a happy mood.
She also did her Junior Council hours helping judges and then
skipped with some of her smaller buddies.
Doesn't she look sad and depressed?

We raced for opening game of Philadelphia Union.
It was sadly a boring game with no energy.
Cold was name of game for us but still enjoy the sport so just piled on alot of clothes.
After leaving stadium and hiking mile back to car, we went with 2 friends
the girl said "let's eat where there is hot chocolate please".
I just measured LN again and she's cleared 5'8" so she was so happy.
She's all about towering over her 5'2" Mama.
Can't fix it so gotta laugh about it.
Off to load hay and then off to practice and gym.
Happy Sunday Ya'll.


  1. Thanks for the calf pictures! Pinkey, hugh? :)

    1. Bull was red shorthorn and mama is white shorthorn so I jokingly said we might have a pink calf and girls thought it was cute. We already had "Baby Whale",and now have "Baby Bones" which was and will be steers that finished out at 1400# my girls are special when they name animals.

  2. I think Pinkey is a good name for the new little guy. (Hope he's "bully" enough to handle it. Hee-hee.)

    My daughter hit a little over 5'8" many years ago and since I'm only 5'3" I always ask her to bend down when we're standing and having our picture taken together. Makes me feel like such a shrimp, too!

  3. Replies
    1. Funny how he doesnt worry bout huge mamas surrounding him. He just keeps moving no matter who is there.

  4. Cute little calf and how funny to see the sheep babysitting all the little lambs!
    Congrats to your daughter on her blue ribbon! Woo-Hoo!! :)

    1. Sheep are so not territorial after 1st few weeks. Seems like ewes take turns after that watching them. So funny. Blue ribbon was a relieve since there was issues baking it. Alls well that ends well :]~