Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm Trying...

I'm trying to follow the adage of...
"if you don't have anything good to say then say nothing"
Do you know how hard that is?
Especially for a sarcastic realistic type of person it's excruciatingly painful.
I am trying though hence the not posting much lately.
I've been in a funk, disappointed in life in general and mine specifically.
I feel trapped by circumstances.
I'll get through it without murdering anyone I hope.
But some days, I swear....
Lord give me strength.
Life is progressing since fair.
LN is getting ready for 9th grade and field hockey tryouts which begin on her birthday.
I have a cake to bake for her and presents to present.
She'll be 14.
My baby is no baby.
I'm very proud of who she is becoming despite her parents.
She did inherit some of my worst traits.
I do not like to be touched.
All 3 of my young'uns inherited this issue.
It is a source of much distress but I have mostly overcome it.
Z and LN have definitely not and R is on the bubble.
She also has my temper.
She's doomed there.
Mine just gets worse as I age.
It's life , I know that drives it up.
I'm working on it mentally.
It's a battle.


  1. Dang. We've all had hard times of one kind or another to work through so can understand, at least, part of where you're at right now.

    Do you have a good person you could talk to? Even though we may be bright and intelligent and resourceful as all heck (which you are!), sometimes we can't see the best thing to do because we're so deeply enmeshed in the situation. If you could talk to someone, it might help a lot if just to get it all out and off your chest.

    I've missed your posts, but understand that there are times when they don't flow easily. Sending hugs to you, Lisa.

    1. Thanks MamaPea for caring. I'm not suicidal I'm just not happy . I ll work it out eventually. I try not to be negative when I post but sometimes some leaks out. LoL my neighbor listens when I reach saturation level and spew to her. I can see the pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel but its really far away. I just keep shuffling.

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  2. I could have written that first paragraph myself. I still have 5 kids at home, and boy oh boy.....

  3. Hugs to you Lisa! I surely have my days too, days when I am on the verge of tears I'm glad you have that pinpoint of light to help you through.