Friday, June 27, 2014

A Lil Something

A little something I'm working on.
Some of the textured stitching does photograph well.
I love sheep!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Grind

Lots has been going on but I'm lazy about posting.
Here goes...
Pig walking, sometimes at dark or after...
Excessive pig feeding combinations as one is heavy and one is lighter to the tune of needs 75# gain in 3 wks... You do the math  .... Sighhhhh
LN went to 4-H camp this week.
She reading one of her AP Composition
books she needs to read over summer.
We were an hour early waiting on her camp bus so she got busy.
We unloaded a couple ton of shavings in 100* heat before she left .
Teamwork gets it done!
Started a lot of her fair entries.
This is a sock giraffe.
Nothing normal about my kid :)
The quilt is still waiting to be quilted in the background of previous picture.
It's so big I admit I am scared !
We cleaned up storm damage from a tree snapping off.
It was wild cherry so I had to clean as many leaves as I could up since it's poisonous in the wilt stage.
This meant everyone was locked away from burn pile for awhile till all leaves are dead.
This meant I had to start feeding square bales to cows that are nasty ,wet ,messy stuff.
That meant I uncovered a giant snake and screamed like a girl.
Yea I did , I admit it!
I saw the Air Force base flying maneuvers while I hung up laundry this morning.
It always gives me chills.

We trimmed cows feet.
I didn't but I caught and drug them all to him and abused them to go in his chute.
We also bred 2 cows but no pictures for obvious reasons .
Apparently my phone got jacked when I ran inside office supply store and my kiddo R took advantage of my phone being left behind.
Ain't she pretty?
LN gets more pics but R and Z are just as loved.
This was my morning view a few days.
Gotta wash and blow him out frequently to keep his hair in good shape.

And that's all for now .
 I am writing this on my phone sitting behind the barn waiting on all critters to finish eating do they can be untied and let out for the night.
The bugs are crawling on me.
I smell.
I'm going to take my 2nd shower of the day.

Night Ya'll

Friday, June 6, 2014


An idea of color scheme, pattern is attic window loosely based and modified.
I ll show more after it's done.


I am here.
Been busy...
Animals being prepped.
Livestock show tomorrow and graduation party for friend after
Not getting as much TLC as needed with soccer and other obligations.
Those are all done now so moving onto fair prep.
Summer camp and LN's trip to Idaho with exchange group is coming up.
School still going till next week but half days only.
LN only has to go to take 2 exams Wednesday.
She's exempt from the rest.
She's going in Monday to sign yearbooks and finish cleaning her locker out.
I'm trying to finish a quilt for the graduates gift.
It will not be done Saturday.
Top is done, back is done, nothing put together.
Nothing lining up, I am not happy.
I weeded red hot pokers this morning.
20 min of pulling poison up and a rush to the shower.
How long before I know if it got me?
I have no memory of getting a reaction but I'll find out sooner than later
Animals are progressing slower than other years.
Diarrhea has shown up in hogs and steer for no apparent reason.
They are eating fine.
S didn't till garden so I am not putting anything in this year.
For the anonymous commenter...
Bite me!
I have the right to be pissed.
I do more than my share, more like 90%.
Shut it!