Friday, June 6, 2014


I am here.
Been busy...
Animals being prepped.
Livestock show tomorrow and graduation party for friend after
Not getting as much TLC as needed with soccer and other obligations.
Those are all done now so moving onto fair prep.
Summer camp and LN's trip to Idaho with exchange group is coming up.
School still going till next week but half days only.
LN only has to go to take 2 exams Wednesday.
She's exempt from the rest.
She's going in Monday to sign yearbooks and finish cleaning her locker out.
I'm trying to finish a quilt for the graduates gift.
It will not be done Saturday.
Top is done, back is done, nothing put together.
Nothing lining up, I am not happy.
I weeded red hot pokers this morning.
20 min of pulling poison up and a rush to the shower.
How long before I know if it got me?
I have no memory of getting a reaction but I'll find out sooner than later
Animals are progressing slower than other years.
Diarrhea has shown up in hogs and steer for no apparent reason.
They are eating fine.
S didn't till garden so I am not putting anything in this year.
For the anonymous commenter...
Bite me!
I have the right to be pissed.
I do more than my share, more like 90%.
Shut it!


  1. I was starting to wonder what you were up to.
    My goats have diarrhea right now. It's been rainy, hot and humid so I haven't kept the barn as clean. I cleaned it yesterday and there was 10,000 flies and maggots under all the wet hay. I'm thinking that was the problem :/

    1. Kelly, it's so disgusting when we clean pens especially the hogs. Their manure turns red when it starts decomposing and smells rank. The joys of farming critters!