Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm sitting at a summer field hockey game. We re early LN is 1st to show up. She s getting back in the groove after fair.
We sent animals home with S Saturday night about 1:30 am.
LN and I got up at 7:00am Sunday to retrieve 4-H entries, put her wether on the truck to the butcher and receive her check for that, retrieved her children's open entries, ate our traditional last morning breakfast at the moose booth (the only food vendor open on bug out day) and finally packed camper and hauled it home around noon. We emptied dirty clothes,  food, and entries. I took a shower and a nap. A 6 hr nap. I got up, ate then crashed for 13 hrs. I was beat. Today we finished camper and trailer. Put all the tack away and got animals back where everybody belonged. We bought a new ewe lamb home so we got her integrated and settled. I have a drawer to clean out I'm the camper I forgot with paperwork I'm it then work on pile of entries in the dining room to disperse. Paperwork for rate of gain and offices she running for jr council and state teen council need filled out. Record books need worked on and summer ap reading completed. Ahhhh summertime so relaxing!

Monday, July 14, 2014


is the number of 4-h and open childrens exhibits
LN & I delivered today to the fair this morning.
22 was in the childrens dept which does NOT do the dutch system of judging.
Each class only has one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd place winners.
The rest of the entries went into the 4-H dept which does use the dutch system.
The dutch system means as long as the exhibit meets the class standards any and all entries can receive a blue ribbon which nets them a premium.
That means if 20 kids enter that class and all are good they all get blues.
All 3 of my kiddos have done well with their entries.
The older 2 each bought their own 1st vehicles courtesy of their fair checks.
I do make them pay for their animals and feed but the rest is theirs to save and I let them keep all their 4-H exhibits winnings.
I shop year round for supplies on clearance so we do not have much overhead involved.
If it's a class that the exhibit is coming home to be re-gifted or used we may spend a bit more.
Mostly we cheapskate it while maintaining good quality.
Make sense?
Tomorrow she goes for a livestock judging practice with her FFA group and works her steer and hogs.
Wednesday I go Clairol my grey away then buy LN a pair of show jeans and end up
setting up our livestock pens at the fair and haul more things to the camper as well as turn on the AC to begin to cool it off.
Thursday morning her flowers, plants and vegs entries go down as well as drop off cold food and clothes (maybe) to camper.
Thursday night is a summer field hockey game.
Friday night we move animals and ourselves down for the duration except a few hours home next Thursday or Friday for S to make his deliveries.
I'm tired....
Let the games begin!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I walked into middle of barn and flipped on the light.
Saw a empty hog feed bag on floor with a black and white back end and tail sticking out.
1st thought " why is LN's cat inside that bag"? 
Instantly SHUNK, SHUNK, SHUNK...Run
I did out the back of the barn, looked back and saw an angry dog biting a shunk.
I left and came back about a half hour later.
It smells but not as bad as a direct spray in the middle room we sort empty poly bags in.
The dog didn't get directly sprayed but he smells.
Guess whose sleeping outside for quite sometimes?
Hopefully he hurt it bad enough the shunk crawled away and died.

The camper goes to the fairgrounds on Saturday morning.
Guess when we chose to fix the awning that shirred 2 rivets off last year at fair?
Tonight as a lightening storm blew through with accompanying wind.
Oh well it's fixed ... He thinks...
After that was done I drained the winterized pipes and flushed the lines and checked electric and air conditioning out.
Then I ran through the downpour to the barn to let the hogs inside. I had let them out to run for a half hour or so.
Can't show you how funny they were. They were standing with their mouths open catching the rain pouring off the roof.
It took me quite a while to get them to come back inside. They had rolled in the mud earlier so a rain bath helped restore 
 their beauty.

LN is in Idaho with her exchange group so it's crazy here trying to keep all he balls in the air alone .

All well I can sleep when I'm dead.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DMV day

High humidity but stock trailer and camper need inspected before fair.
Of course that means the flat from last fall  needs pumped up so S can stop by tire shop to repair it.
Also means the barn swallows who roosted right over the camper crapped a ft of crap on top of camper I have to clean up.
At least livestock trailer was easy.
Yesterday it was S's truck but not shown this red us all mine. His isn't wired right to pull trailers. That needs fixed too.
Tagging and inspections are annoying and expensive but necessary.
Lots more fair crafts being tackled.
She leaves at 3 am Sunday for 4-h exchange trip with Idaho.
Trying to get most of the fair prep done before she goes.
Sock giraffe and dog... Crazy Girl
A little broach ... Like her ears?
She s weird but I ll keep her.
Off yo tackle more.....