Monday, July 14, 2014


is the number of 4-h and open childrens exhibits
LN & I delivered today to the fair this morning.
22 was in the childrens dept which does NOT do the dutch system of judging.
Each class only has one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd place winners.
The rest of the entries went into the 4-H dept which does use the dutch system.
The dutch system means as long as the exhibit meets the class standards any and all entries can receive a blue ribbon which nets them a premium.
That means if 20 kids enter that class and all are good they all get blues.
All 3 of my kiddos have done well with their entries.
The older 2 each bought their own 1st vehicles courtesy of their fair checks.
I do make them pay for their animals and feed but the rest is theirs to save and I let them keep all their 4-H exhibits winnings.
I shop year round for supplies on clearance so we do not have much overhead involved.
If it's a class that the exhibit is coming home to be re-gifted or used we may spend a bit more.
Mostly we cheapskate it while maintaining good quality.
Make sense?
Tomorrow she goes for a livestock judging practice with her FFA group and works her steer and hogs.
Wednesday I go Clairol my grey away then buy LN a pair of show jeans and end up
setting up our livestock pens at the fair and haul more things to the camper as well as turn on the AC to begin to cool it off.
Thursday morning her flowers, plants and vegs entries go down as well as drop off cold food and clothes (maybe) to camper.
Thursday night is a summer field hockey game.
Friday night we move animals and ourselves down for the duration except a few hours home next Thursday or Friday for S to make his deliveries.
I'm tired....
Let the games begin!


  1. I'm tired just reading everything you have to do, lol! Have a great week :)

  2. I would be dead at the end of the week. Maybe not literally, but prone. Prostrate. Numb. Comatose. In need of rehabilitation. Your schedule leaves me in the dust. Good luck to you and LN in everything!