Saturday, August 2, 2014


Present and accounted for.
I'm just recovering from fair.
I need to sort out the steers and who wants what as far as quarters or halves.
I need to make appts. at butchers for 1st steer also.
2nd steer and hog will wait till Sept 1 when Amish butcher I prefer opens back up.
LN and I went into PA about 2 hrs away to get her birthday present Friday.
I took her to a field hockey supply store.
She'll be 15 on the 15th but will be at an all day tryout and next week she is a camp counselor all week so Friday was it.
She managed to find a new stick and a rugby shirt and shin guards and etc.
It's all good, she looked at me to approve when to stop.
She did comment on how high some prices were as well.
She's getting it.
She says she'll not own a credit card because that is stupid.
I hope she holds to that awhile.
Today was a cold for August 2nd Peach Festival.
We manned the free ice cream booth for FFA and 4-H holding collection jars if people would like to donate to either organization.
Tomorrow a friend is turning 9 and having a frog birthday party.
She asked LN and her other guests to bring a frog to race.
Should be fun.
This was taken at fair.
The 4-H awards program was attended by a few senators, congressman and candidates taking advantage of campaigning during this election year.
Two of these with LN were here last yr as well and were familiar with LN.
Hence the laughing as she cracked jokes with them during her multiple trips up to receive her awards.
Gosh, record books are due soon and rate of gain forms.
Already turned in her officer nomination forms for upcoming 4-H yr which begins Sept 1st.
Keeps me young, right?


  1. Yep, young. And maybe a little exhausted? But ya know what? LN is growing into a fine young woman (due to the time and energy and love you've given to her raisin' up!) and before you know it, this phase of her life will be over and she will be leaving home. (We don't have to like these things, but it does happen!) :o)

  2. Thanks MamaPea she is a keeper. I'm trying to hold onto the days and memories. We are starting her college hunt and records for scholarships apps. The next few yrs will fly I'm sure.

  3. LN is AWESOME love her smile!!!
    I think if you sit still you die, so yeah you are really young!
    I love the idea of frog races, how fun :))))

    1. Kelly the frog races were hilarious. Much screaming ensued! The birthday girl is an animal whisperer. Her frog sat serenely on her hand for several minutes.