Saturday, November 29, 2014


Some of my older cellulose, plastic and candy holder type Santas and Snowmen.
I'm an ole soul...
Had to include the old electric fixture on left side, it looks like a Christmas tree with tinsel on it.
The snowman on back left is a painted gourd with twig arms.
I have to replace them every 2 yrs or so.  

This santa is made from an old burlap feed bag.
The original came from Germany when I visited my sister whose Husband was stationed there.
I've made a few more as gifts and have one in the works now to gift if I get it done.

Horrible color picture...
This is a deep green print and bright red print on stark white.
I just bought it at an 4-H conference silent auction.
Probably around 6 ft square or so.

Soft filled snowmen I just like ;]

My favorite ram, can't butt me from a hooked rug!

LN made the pillows on the left and center as 4-H fair projects this summer.
Looks Christmasey to me....

A couple of my" Cowboy" Santas, the left one is paper machie.

I like older type things can't you tell?
The Santa head still plays music clear as day.
The stocking is flocked felt.
Told ya Christmas threw up at my house.
Now for outside and maybe tree next week or so.
Won't be next weekend.
Next weekend is outdoor soccer tournament in western Maryland.
See what kind of jokes the weather plays on us.


Me and LN shopped small business Saturday this morning. We went to local consignment shop looking for birthday present for her friends 16th party. She found handmade earrings and facial scrub. 
Then Buddy the Christ-moose jumped in the truck. We had to give him a home.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas threw up...

It looks like Christmas threw up in my house today. LN got a wild hair going this morning and pulled all my indoor Christmas stuff out. She proceeded to unpack and sorta place 90% of it before getting bored. I have a lot I think. About a dozen or so large Rubbermaid containers stuffed. 
I wasn't ready with Thanksgiving only yesterday but ready or not. At least she did it quicker than me. Some years I make decorating last several weeks.
Z asked for any ornaments I saved for him for his new house so a sorting I must do. 
I decided to use the big quilt on my bed instead of displaying it in living room. It's king size or so. It hangs way down sides of my queen size bed . S hates covers too far down but hopefully he ll deal with it for a month or so. I bought it at a antique consignment shop in WVA couple years ago for $40.00. It's no great work of art but festive and homey. Suits me to a tee.
I ll try to take pictures with Canon of some of my favorite things and the quilt tomorrow or soon. The lighting in this old farmhouse with energy efficient bulbs is terrible and yellowish. Daylight and better lenses than my phone are needed. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holy Cream !

S retrieved my milk from farm down the road about 11:00 am. Leroy milked this morning early. Holy cream it's 1/3 - 1/2 of gallon jar.
I pulled a pint for baking and mashed tators and shook the rest up. Then I demolished 2 glasses lickety split.
Then I began desserts. Pumpkin cheesecake with ginger snap crust for S2 and pumpkin roll for R.
LN's pumpkin pie is in the stupid, bleeping, blasted oven. It's been in over an hour. Still raw! WTHeaven help me I'm going to blow!
But no I can not cause...
It's Thanksgiving ;p
Still have layered salad to sit in fridge overnight and cornbread to cool for stuffing tomorrow. My turkey is picked up. I asked for under 15# but got 17.8#. Time to regroup and figure how to fit it all in oven that barely works as is.
Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll .

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Help ???

Ok I need help.
I can not find the part of Blogger where I can change my picture at the top of my blog.
Anyone know where to go?
I'm clueless.

Keep Warm...Brrr

Yep I know a lot of you have it worse than us but it's still cold.
28* last night, mid 30's today but 40 mph winds also.
It is drying up the mud and puddles from yesterdays torrential downpours most of the day.
I went to the gym after dropping LN off at school early for her FCA meeting.
FCA - Federation of Christian Athletes
They have a get together once a month before school.
After I came home and showered I fed the screaming heathens.
They all have hay and grain is fed only minimally to keep them nice to me.
I think I see baby bumps beginning to show in some of my ewes.
Mid January will tell ...
I went in my sewing cave and finished off yesterday afternoons project.
It aint puurfect I know, but I like it.
It kinda matches LN's tablet case too.

A table runner I found pattern for on craftsy site.
It showed Christmas fabric but I think Thanksgiving is overlooked.

I like the owl Pilgrims and Turkeys.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fun day Sun day ...

I found the stinky mouse so my sewing oasis smells better.
I sorted fabrics which seems to be a normal needed job.
Each time I go through my stash I end up with a mess.
Go figure !!!
Then I made pot holders for LN to give to her 3 field hockey coaches as thank-you's at their upcoming banquet.
I found the pattern on a blog quite awhile ago.
It was fairly easy .
I only made two adjustments.
The lighting in the basement stinks for color accuracy .
The middle picture potholder on the right is the most accurate.
I have plans and feel my sewing mojo is coming back.
I ll see what happens ;)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I've had things spread all over the house that belongs in my sewing room. The room I use was the older kids bedroom in the basement. Now that I've taken it back for sewing I've been running across obscure piles of items to relocate. I went in there this morning with some things and it stinks. Reeks, smells, repulsive, disgusting, nose cringing, nasty stinks! I don't have any mousetraps set down there but there is one dead somewhere. Yuck I hate finding a smelly dead decayed carcuss. I threw LN's cat in there but she came back empty handed. Little traitor! I keep her out of there because she doesn't shut the door behind her and I don't want to heat the unheated part of the basement. Anyone want to come help me? Anyone? Please!!!

Leave & Giveaway

To heck ;-} with men ...
It's snowing leaves!
I parked this last night and KAPOW...
My Austrees are exfoliating or should I say ex leafing ??? 

Some may have read my husband S is a hoarder.
I am trying to de stash faster than he brings it in but alas I'm losing the battle.
I'm takng books by the box to bookstore who gives credit to shop for them.
Might sound like I'm acquiring stuff back right?
Nada compadres!
I'm putting the credit on R's account so she can "collect" more books.
Tada :P

This is another treasure I'm giving up.
decided to ask ya'll before disposing of this set of lambs he has brought me.
Cute but not for me.
They are ceramic underneath the fleece .
Looks like real wool. 
They are about 6-7" tall and middle one has to sit on the edge of shelf as his legs hang down.
Go for it and let me know who I can regift them too.
Leave a comment if you want they .
You know you do.... Come on....
1st comment wins!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Busy as usual...

Been running the roads as my MIL says this weekend.
Started Sat morning with 4-H fundraiser at Applebee's with Lena.
Not very successful but any money is good money.
Went to 2 craft shows after that at local churches.
We knew ladies with booths at both so supported each and browsed a bit.
Then headed to 2nd 4-H event stuffing hospital care packets.
We have 800 to do but started with 100 childrens' and glued labels for 500 adults.
We'll complete them later.
They are filled with small toys, crayons, puzzle books, stickers, etc.
Adults get tissues, hand sanitizer, notepads, pens, etc.
Saturday ended with us going to separate rooms for quiet time.
LN did homework, I read then we watched a movie together.
Today I started the crockpot with a pieced chicken, celery and onions with some water on low.
Then it was an early soccer game, stop at Joann's to grab 50% fleece.
R wants a new larger tied blanket, LN will oblige for her Christmas gift.
We came home I pulled chicken apart and made chicken corn soup.
Back in the crockpot then off to 4-H Christmas float meeting.
Back home few hours later, eat then homework and pack bags for morning.
LN to school , me to gym.
I haven't went in 2 weeks and have to get back on track.
It has to become a habit.
Just another busy weekend.
A friend just sent her last one to college.
She was busier than me and now has a clean house and time to relax and watch movies.
She says "it's weird but I'm getting used to it ".
This is said with a big fat grin.
I know I'll miss it when LN goes off to college so I'm trying to savor each day.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New to me...

I bought curtains from a young lady I know . 8 panels for $25.00. I can't sew them for that. I bought new wooden poles and accordion blinds. Yes middle curtains are wrinkly. This beats the broken roman shades and S putting old poster foam boards up when the western sunset got in his eyes and messed up his tv addiction. Now i can really see how dirty the windows are. I hung another set by his chair without a blind. No picture there. Not sure where I'll use the last set. We also started cutting tin to finish the sheep hay shed until the torrential downpour stopped us. S wasn't happy to have to put new rods up but when next sunny day comes he'll get over it. Small things make me happy. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not much...

Just do not have much to share or say.
Staying busy chauffeuring LN to everything but that's normal.
She's been nominated for a community service contest Prudential Ins. runs.
Busy doing the application with her.
Fall is here so there's lots to do.
I need to wash windows in the house, they are nasty.
Not today with 40 mph winds though.
Turned on the furnace for this weekends cold temps and wind.
Not my choice S chose to do it.
I would have sucked it up some more till next week when mild temps reappears.
Metaphor for my life I think.
Not my choice, suck it up till it gets better.
I'm thinking I need a new one.
I'll put it on the list.
Have a pork loin in the crockpot so it should smell homey in here soon.
I'll add lemon pepper to it and make sides later.
Sunday supper is always filling if I can manage it with the crockpot.
Too many games scheduled that make hands on an issue.
Todays games were cancelled due to heavy downpours yesterday.
Good thing though as LN went to FFA convention last week.
This means a week of makeup work due and 4-H work to complete quickly.
Stove issues seem {fingers crossed, maybe toes too} to be resolved with the help of S's friend
 who actually does know it all.
He bought new part but it was defective, went for 2nd version of same part and installed it.
Adjusted flame and lp/propane choices which seems to have done fixed it up.
Always something though.
Happy November 1 ya'll!