Sunday, November 9, 2014

Busy as usual...

Been running the roads as my MIL says this weekend.
Started Sat morning with 4-H fundraiser at Applebee's with Lena.
Not very successful but any money is good money.
Went to 2 craft shows after that at local churches.
We knew ladies with booths at both so supported each and browsed a bit.
Then headed to 2nd 4-H event stuffing hospital care packets.
We have 800 to do but started with 100 childrens' and glued labels for 500 adults.
We'll complete them later.
They are filled with small toys, crayons, puzzle books, stickers, etc.
Adults get tissues, hand sanitizer, notepads, pens, etc.
Saturday ended with us going to separate rooms for quiet time.
LN did homework, I read then we watched a movie together.
Today I started the crockpot with a pieced chicken, celery and onions with some water on low.
Then it was an early soccer game, stop at Joann's to grab 50% fleece.
R wants a new larger tied blanket, LN will oblige for her Christmas gift.
We came home I pulled chicken apart and made chicken corn soup.
Back in the crockpot then off to 4-H Christmas float meeting.
Back home few hours later, eat then homework and pack bags for morning.
LN to school , me to gym.
I haven't went in 2 weeks and have to get back on track.
It has to become a habit.
Just another busy weekend.
A friend just sent her last one to college.
She was busier than me and now has a clean house and time to relax and watch movies.
She says "it's weird but I'm getting used to it ".
This is said with a big fat grin.
I know I'll miss it when LN goes off to college so I'm trying to savor each day.


  1. Hubby and I need to get back to the gym too. Today I hope to at least get some walking in.

  2. I love sleep so consistently getting up and going is my issue. I don't mind working out but early pending is the only time available.

  3. You will indeed miss your close relationship with LN when she goes off to college, but there's no way I think you'll suffer from empty nest syndrome. You've just got too many interests (let alone "work" things to accomplish every day) so you'll just be moving into a new, enjoyable (meaning a little more time for Y-O-U?!) phase of your life.

    1. It'll be a new phase of life for sure MamaPea. I ll survive , no choice in that :)