Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas threw up...

It looks like Christmas threw up in my house today. LN got a wild hair going this morning and pulled all my indoor Christmas stuff out. She proceeded to unpack and sorta place 90% of it before getting bored. I have a lot I think. About a dozen or so large Rubbermaid containers stuffed. 
I wasn't ready with Thanksgiving only yesterday but ready or not. At least she did it quicker than me. Some years I make decorating last several weeks.
Z asked for any ornaments I saved for him for his new house so a sorting I must do. 
I decided to use the big quilt on my bed instead of displaying it in living room. It's king size or so. It hangs way down sides of my queen size bed . S hates covers too far down but hopefully he ll deal with it for a month or so. I bought it at a antique consignment shop in WVA couple years ago for $40.00. It's no great work of art but festive and homey. Suits me to a tee.
I ll try to take pictures with Canon of some of my favorite things and the quilt tomorrow or soon. The lighting in this old farmhouse with energy efficient bulbs is terrible and yellowish. Daylight and better lenses than my phone are needed. 


  1. Only forty dollars for that huge quilt?! There is a lot more money in the fabric alone (as I'm sure you well know) without even counting the time put in on making it. Sure wish I had a little Christmas Elf (does LN hire out?) to come and put up my Christmas decorations. It's a job I'm not crazy about . . . but sure do like the way it looks when I'm done!

    1. Yep LN said she'd come do it but doesn't have her license yet. I agree I dread getting it all out and displayed. Putting it away is better. The house fills airier after.