Friday, January 29, 2016

Almost there...

Tomorrow is D Day as in decision day. There will be a banquet for the NMIWW tomorrow evening. After a delicious lamb dinner the fashion show will commence with awards after. 

But for now here's a few pictures of the enormous hotel complex we are at.

Nice putting green...

My bungalow/villains is the right half of this building.

The contestants are in the regular rooms which are pretty nice in these buildings.

Everything is well landscaped and maintained even around the tennis courts.

Really cool mature cacti spread throughout the complex. I like this one.

LN enjoyed the fresh lemonade served on the terrace served with free buckets of buttery, salted popcorn. She can eat her weight in popcorn.
Tomorrow is it.
Off to bed ...

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  1. It must seem like you're in a totally different world than back home! Enjoy, enjoy and GOOD LUCK to LN!

    Very different, but beautiful scenery, huh?