Wednesday, February 24, 2016



Plus dis...

Equals dis....

Finished for now. 
Changing pad covers to complete in near future.
Maybe a quilt of all fabrics involved.

Knitted blanket to complete within next 2 weeks.

Working on it...
LNs next wool outfit started.
Soccer tryouts starting in a week.
Rain not stopping.
Mud everywhere.
Life progresses.
Spring will show up eventually.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Funday

I spent today making bumper pads for a crib. My son Z's baby is due May 4th.

R2 (mama) picked fabric. She is shabby chic decorated with pastel shades of color. 
I struggled but it looks good. The selvage edge shows at the bottom but hopefully once on the mattress it won't show. I didn't take into account how thick the pads were. For some reason I had batting thickness in my mind when I cut fabric. The thick piping was fun to make but not to sew together with the fabric. It's 1/4" thick. 

I have to hem ties but I am happy with the look.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Not great news but first....

Why yes we will sleep in our mamas hay feeder. They can eat around us.

Early Tuesday morning my dad had a stroke. He was sent to hospital and stabilized then shipped to shock trauma in Baltimore to operate on. The clot was removed. He has extreme high BP , diabetes issues, kidney and liver problems, a general mess.
They have worked on him and tried to stabilize him. It remains to be seen the lasting damage.
He is mad at or doesn't like me. When his wife and my sister were with him he kept asking for me. He must have forgot he doesn't like me. When I got there he held my hand and tried to talk but it was garbled. I understood some. I made him admit I was adopted ( joke between us).
I love this man whether he likes me or not.
It's going to be a long haul ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

3 and done?

Yesterday while with MIL at Doctor S texted to get back right away as 1st time ewe delivered . He doesn't do anything more than make mom and lamb come into stall. 

arrived half hour later and settled them. Mom is very attentive which I love. Some 1st timers are scared.

Today I took LN to orthodontist then breakfast before dropping her at school. Next was MIL again where I shoveled out a spot to get to her curb before going to another doctor. Dropped her off, drove to chiropractor, back to pick up MIL then deliver back to her house.
 When I got home I put boots on and heard a lamb cry from the mud. Looked way down alleyway and saw a newborn to huge bag ewe. Ran in to change into old clothes and back outside. Grabbed a towel and tried to get mom to follow lamb I carried. She was confused but eventually we got inside.

I swapped out pens and threw yesterday's set outside. About a half hour later while the first ram nursed:

Another ram lamb dropped.

And with that I am done lambing my little flock. With a bunch of first time ewes and one lost lamb which I think may have been my fault (I thought he was nursing but he was sucking beside teat) it was still a good year.
I learn new things each year. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Back in DE

LN and I returned home about 8:00pm last night. We both were in bed by 9:00pm. About 11:30 S yelled at me to go take care of new set of twins. (He won't do anything with animals unless I'm away and then only minimum, don't ask )
A ewe I thought would go on the 15th gave a big ram and ewe. 

At midnight all up and nursing while I cleaned pen that was saturated from being away. Don't ask again.

9:30 this morning tucked in warm, sleepy, safe and sound with Mama.
I think I have 2 ewes left. One is worrying me because she's huge and struggling with mobility. She was 1st timer last year and deliver a 19# lamb. Fingers crossed this time.
 The other ewe is 1st timer and I don't have a date on her so checking frequently.
The nasty, dirty aftermath of the blizzard.

Hard to see but the barrels are standing in 4" of water from melt off. I feed from these barrels.

A quagmire of mud for the lambs and ewes yo slough through. It'll dry eventually.
Off to take my MIL to doctors appt.