Tuesday, February 2, 2016

3 and done?

Yesterday while with MIL at Doctor S texted to get back right away as 1st time ewe delivered . He doesn't do anything more than make mom and lamb come into stall. 

arrived half hour later and settled them. Mom is very attentive which I love. Some 1st timers are scared.

Today I took LN to orthodontist then breakfast before dropping her at school. Next was MIL again where I shoveled out a spot to get to her curb before going to another doctor. Dropped her off, drove to chiropractor, back to pick up MIL then deliver back to her house.
 When I got home I put boots on and heard a lamb cry from the mud. Looked way down alleyway and saw a newborn to huge bag ewe. Ran in to change into old clothes and back outside. Grabbed a towel and tried to get mom to follow lamb I carried. She was confused but eventually we got inside.

I swapped out pens and threw yesterday's set outside. About a half hour later while the first ram nursed:

Another ram lamb dropped.

And with that I am done lambing my little flock. With a bunch of first time ewes and one lost lamb which I think may have been my fault (I thought he was nursing but he was sucking beside teat) it was still a good year.
I learn new things each year. 


  1. Holey-moley, you had a couple of crazy days with lambs dropping all over the place! As you say, now it's over with and you can get back to a normal (?) routine. Love seeing the pictures.

  2. Wow, what a kidding season for you. I do miss that here with goats. I am so afraid that Hubby will back out on letting me have them again.