Monday, February 1, 2016

Back in DE

LN and I returned home about 8:00pm last night. We both were in bed by 9:00pm. About 11:30 S yelled at me to go take care of new set of twins. (He won't do anything with animals unless I'm away and then only minimum, don't ask )
A ewe I thought would go on the 15th gave a big ram and ewe. 

At midnight all up and nursing while I cleaned pen that was saturated from being away. Don't ask again.

9:30 this morning tucked in warm, sleepy, safe and sound with Mama.
I think I have 2 ewes left. One is worrying me because she's huge and struggling with mobility. She was 1st timer last year and deliver a 19# lamb. Fingers crossed this time.
 The other ewe is 1st timer and I don't have a date on her so checking frequently.
The nasty, dirty aftermath of the blizzard.

Hard to see but the barrels are standing in 4" of water from melt off. I feed from these barrels.

A quagmire of mud for the lambs and ewes yo slough through. It'll dry eventually.
Off to take my MIL to doctors appt.


  1. Glad you are back safely. Cute twins.

  2. That's the problem with getting a heavy snowfall in your "warmer" climates . . . it melts too fast and makes lots of mud and yuck. Now if you lived up here where our snow melts slowly and isn't gone until May . . . or June . . . or sometimes July . . . ;o]