Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Not great news but first....

Why yes we will sleep in our mamas hay feeder. They can eat around us.

Early Tuesday morning my dad had a stroke. He was sent to hospital and stabilized then shipped to shock trauma in Baltimore to operate on. The clot was removed. He has extreme high BP , diabetes issues, kidney and liver problems, a general mess.
They have worked on him and tried to stabilize him. It remains to be seen the lasting damage.
He is mad at or doesn't like me. When his wife and my sister were with him he kept asking for me. He must have forgot he doesn't like me. When I got there he held my hand and tried to talk but it was garbled. I understood some. I made him admit I was adopted ( joke between us).
I love this man whether he likes me or not.
It's going to be a long haul ...


  1. Well, tootsie, whether he's mad at you or doesn't like you, I think the fact that he asked for you says a lot about what's in his heart.

    When I read or hear of a daughter having a really good, loving relationship with her father, I'm more than a tad jealous. (Mine died many years ago.) I can relate to you saying your dad is mad at you or doesn't like you. I think deep down in their hearts they don't feel that way, so why do they project those feelings? It could be so different.

    Sending wishes for the best for your dad. And you, too.

  2. Aw, to hear he's reaching out to you means a lot. Praying for healing.