Monday, June 20, 2016

The measure...

of an elephant?

I found this guy years ago probably 25 at least. He has a tape measure coming out as a tounge. 

The purple corduroy was faded when I acquired him at a yard sale. 
I still think he is cute!

My girls know their Momma well. Hence the complete novels of Jane Austen as my gift.
Think I'll keep em....

Sunday, June 19, 2016

At least somebody...

likes gluten free cupcakes.

LN made a box mix we had. Originally we used the other boxes for a 4-h meeting treat. We have several girls with celiacs/gluten issues. 
I didn't care for them nor LN. Off to the chicken pen where they were appreciated.

Today was a day to celebrate this man. He hung my moon. I am a lucky girl to have him as a dad.

She leaves for week away at 4-h camp tomorrow. Her cat will miss her I'm sure. I will pick her up on Saturday at noon then Sunday morning at 7:00 am we are both off to New York for the 4-h exchange trip. She's trying to cram projects into a very short time. Animals are getting walked and broke as much as possible. Fair exhibits are beginning to gather although not enough .
It will be what it is.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Thistles and cuteness paradox...

Today was a good cool morning with a breeze. 
That meant thistle digging again.

This time in the sheep pen. I finished one part with alleyway and catch pen to go.
This took hours. Pictures doesn't show how many there was.

Digging them up and making a pile.

It's chest high on me. I stuck myself so many times but they had to go.

To the cuteness part...

Miss A will not be able to wear this for a few years but it's so cute. LN will enter this at fair. The bodice is lined with pink.

She picked out a cute vintage button for the closure.

This short set is seersucker and very lightweight.

The cuteness is killing me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hot enough...

It was probably the coolest day in a week or so. Still 80's but nice breeze. After usual animal chores I mowed. That led to digging thistles. One got away last year or birds dropped seeds or etc. Now I have dozens. I only dug one pasture/lot today but lost count after 25 plants. LN's steer helped me by dogging my tracks. I went into the shade of a tree and so did he. Kinda a big puppy dog.
When LN came home I switched to help her mode. We needed to seperate her hogs to keep weighs controlled. That is a stair step project. First idea didn't work nor second so we moved to third choice. It involved changing gates, chains, feeders, waterers, etc. Nothing is easy around here. We turned both hogs outside to stay out of our way. Forgot the steer was outside which since we were cleaning his pen was a puzzle. 

They only have a gate between their pens  but have not been outside together before. The hogs were snorting and racing around him. He did not appear to be a fan of theirs.

He blew snot on them and head butted them . I laughed but LN was not amused. She made me rescue them by bringing them inside where they created mischief helping us set up the new pen. 
When all was clean and ready I put the curious gilt in the new pen and closed her gate. The barrow went beside her into the old pen. A see through gate is between them. She threw a fit. 
We messed around another half hour putting everything away and filling the water barrel. It took that long for her to calm down.
Such a diva!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Long weekend...

It was but not because of an extra day. Just because of chores involving hard work.
LN had her second SAT test while I worked at out feed store. After we closed we went to several graduation parties. Not hard work but it took hard work to fill those cards. Next weekend there are more to attend. 
Today me and LN went to pick up the Lincoln Longwool lamb she bought. Let the wool breed begin residing and thriving here. We stopped for grilled vinegar style chicken lunch before that job. It took a lil work but it's enjoyable work.
When we returned home and settled Charm (the ewe lamb's name) down LN took off to the house to attack some homework projects. It's her last week of school.
I headed to unload shavings. There was a livestock show Saturday near us but no time to attend. We took the f550 with the 10 ft flat bed down to have the ring shavings loaded. It's free with very little waste mixed in. 

That's a full mounded over funnel wagon in the foreground. It was 2/3 rds of the load. I shoveled 50 feed bags full of the rest. 6-7 full corn shovel loads to each bag. 

No, I have no pictures of the bags because I am too tired to care.
After that I filled feeders and waterers in 3 areas/pens for 9 new pullets, 15 meat birds and regular layers. While that happened I let hogs out to wonder and walk. They followed me ever curious about my chores.

It was overcast with a slight breeze so they didn't overheat thankfully.


I'm off to shower and hit the hay early. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Broke down...

and put air conditioners in and fired them up. It's just too blasted hot.
Change of life, menopause, the curse, whatever it's called is escalating my body temp. I sweat at the slightest effort. I'm over this crap excuse my French. 
I need comfortable sleep.
Hopefully by tonight the house will be cool enough to sleep comfortably.
I feel like a failure because I used to be able to take the heat. This is only the 3rd summer we have used air conditioners. I grew up and lived my life without them and never had an issue. 
Cool me down now .......

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Only 90*

My view on this balmy summer afternoon.
Stupid cows won't eat it so I'm mowing it to keep them in the fence.