Friday, June 10, 2016

Thistles and cuteness paradox...

Today was a good cool morning with a breeze. 
That meant thistle digging again.

This time in the sheep pen. I finished one part with alleyway and catch pen to go.
This took hours. Pictures doesn't show how many there was.

Digging them up and making a pile.

It's chest high on me. I stuck myself so many times but they had to go.

To the cuteness part...

Miss A will not be able to wear this for a few years but it's so cute. LN will enter this at fair. The bodice is lined with pink.

She picked out a cute vintage button for the closure.

This short set is seersucker and very lightweight.

The cuteness is killing me.


  1. Wow, you really know how to grow some healthy thistles in your area! What a job that must have been to get them all out. But it was worth it to know they wouldn't be spreading their seeds (and ugliness) later in the season. (What are thistles good for, anyway?)

    Little boys are nice, of course, but when it comes to sewing, ya can't beat the darling little outfits you can make for little girls. I already see Grandma Lisa at the sewing machine this winter turning out lots of "cuteness!" What fun.

    1. I still have quite a lot of 3 ft tall thistles to dig if you'd like me to ship you some MamaPea?

  2. We have a thistle problem here too. I blame the birds. I try to dig it when I first see it, but I swear it grows double overnight. Cute outfits!

    1. Kristina I agree they double overnight and multiple. It's a never ending struggle.