Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fingers Crossed for Fall ...

A storm is rolling through as I type.
Flash flood warnings are being issued.
I hope it drops humidity and issues in fall quickly.
Yesterday I drove LN and 2 friends 6 1/2 hrs to surprise a friend in New York they met through the 4-H exchange program.

They played on the swings in the park near his house where his party was.
I found the small stream and sat in the shade and soaked my feet.
The weather was comfortable 75* with no humidity.
Heaven on earth for this lady.

J was happy to see us and it was a good day.
So good he convinced us to go to a small county fair last night which put us late leaving.
The drive home was rough but we arrived back in DE after stopping at a motel at midnight.
The rate was ridiculous for the subpar rooms but we were so tired  I bit the bullet.
Today we drove back through heavy traffic.
I can't complain as we passed 15 miles of slow crawling from people leaving the beach areas.
As soon as we pulled in at home we loaded a large crate and set off again.
The weather was back to 100% humidity and 90*s in DE.
Lucky us!
LN and I drove to fetch our new ram.
After returning we sorted the ewes, treating sore feet and worming.
We changed groups around and put marking harness on the ram.
Off he went with 9 new girlfriends.
He is a January ram so young and eager but you just never know if they'll breed.
He was sniffing butts immediately so high hopes.
I filled feed barrels as the ewes have only been on pasture this summer.
 LN fed other critters in the barn as I fed outside.
As we threw new breeding group their grain the sky opened and heavy downpour ensued.
I've been keeping busy somedays watching Miss A for my son and her Mama.
I'm happy to do it and she doesn't go to daycare which they love.
She'll grow so fast I'm trying to savor this stage.


  1. I think you should get the prize for "Mother of the Year!" Your love and unselfish giving of your time to LN is all going toward making her a beautiful young woman. (We learn by association!) Very few mothers these days want (or are able) to give so much of their time to their kid(s).

    You're fortunate to have your grandbaby living so close to you . . . and her parents are doubly fortunate to have you to help care for her.

    1. I'm just doing what needs done. I didn't have parents do things with me so I've tried with all my kids to do differently. I'm making it up as I go .