Saturday, August 13, 2016

Friday and Saturday

Friday started early for LN and me. 
5:30 am is too dang early for me. It was already 80° that early. It climbed to 100° by noon.
Anyhow... Off to Franklin and Marshall on another visit. This time an interview was included. LN said it went great.

Her other momma went with us. She is alot of help and assures me we can handle the scholarship process successfully. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.
Maybe I should start a go fund me or beg on here for donations? 
Please send as much as you can as soon as you can!!! 
Unless she doesn't get in and/or finances are too rough I believe she has made her choice.

Afterwards we headed to another college to visit J who is moving into her new digs for her junior year. LN grabbed the quilt I made J for her freshman year. Guess it's time to start LN's quilt.
It was a fun day not withstanding the upcoming heartbreak of my youngest heading out soon.

Today was brutal heat again.
LN helped out at the local orchards customer appreciation day handing out free peach ice cream.
Now she's off to a small town carnival with friends.

I went after another load of corn for the cows near supper time. The dirt road ride is pretty and quiet. 

I'm going to end my day with a movie and some Olympics.

Guess I should learn to accept the solitude approaching faster than I'm ready for.


  1. Great post! I love your "farm-y" type life and the pictures. If hubby and I had been born 50 years earlier than we were, I know we would have lived and worked on a small, (hopefully) self-sufficient, family farm.

    Geesh, and, yes, the reality must be hitting that LN is close to starting out on a really big, new phase of her life. It will be different for you and I know you'll feel as though you've lost a chunk of your heart, but it will also be a new time for you also. A time when you will be able to and need to do some things for YOURSELF. (LN is going to be missing you just as much as you'll be missing her!) Who is LN's "other momma" you spoke of?

    Love, love, love the sign you closed this post with. If it weren't so true, it would be very funny. I guess we all just need to keep our sense of humor for all the "cut backs" ahead. :o/

    1. The other Mama is a close friend whose whole family has adopted me and my girl. They step in and up to help us with anything needed with no expectations in return. She's a whiz at financial college issues and is graciously helping us this year.

  2. I feel ya' on college costs. I'm trying to figure out how to buy another car for the next one in line right now. We already look like a used car lot here, ha ha! Glad you keep your humor. We all need to do that.

    1. the cost is crazy, makes you understand why some do not go to college