Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Same ole...

My view .... again 

Me and my girl went to DE state fair. The weeds decided to go crazy.

My favorite tank from MD Sheep and Wool festival is almost rags but I still love it.

I waited till late afternoon to start so I enjoyed the sunset sky as I finished one field.

Fair was good. More low key than normal with hogs and sheep but no cattle. Still busy each day though with contests and shows.

LN bought a Lincoln lamb so she learned to fit it from a friend. Miss A visited and I babysat her one day. She s a cutie .

Shearing in 100* weather was not fun.

George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers concert rocked. Let me just say a contact high may have occurred . Some powerful aromas were floating through my seating area. I was 8 rows back. That man still has it. Well worth the ticket cost. 

Alabama was the opposite. Very mellow and easy. I loved it also. I like most music. The tickets for Alabama were free as a neighbor could not attend due to illness.

Beautiful sunsets were seen.

LN was chosen as the new DE State Teen Council President. She was excited.

LN was exhausted as was I. We will recover and go again next year.

Pictures are from my phone so poor quality. I have camera ones but am too lazy to post.
I will soon.


  1. Quite an honor for LN. Good for her!

    I don't know how you do all you do. Even when you leave the farm, you work hard! ;o)

  2. Thanks MamaPea she works hard. I am not sure what I ll do when she's in college and I have free time.